How to Set Up an Airbrush Makeup Kit
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  • Post published:June 3, 2020

When there is a thought of natural-looking make-up finish along with the light feel, quick application, and long-lasting effect, the only thing that comes to mind is Airbrush make-up technique. Airbrush make-up provides a flawless finish, the absolute choice for any big event. It is commonly in use for ages in the media industry as it is an ideal choice for shoots and is supreme love for a professional make-up artist. Airbrush make-up gives perfect looking skin with naked eyes as well. Another good thing is that there is a less significant chance of having breakouts after airbrush makeup. Hence, it is a complete yes-yes for everyone in all circumstances. It could be a better switch for make-up lovers and Instagram users.

Here, in this article, we will introduce you to the Airbrush Make-up technique and tell you how to set up an Airbrush make-up kit, and also we will cover common questions that are wandering around about airbrush make-up.

An Insight to Airbrush Make-up:

The airbrush makeup technique is a skill of an unconventional method of makeup application. It comprises an airbrush makeup machine that compresses air and allows makeup to spray onto the skin. Makeup tends to be remarkably lightweight that users almost feel nothing after the application of makeup.

What are the Benefits of Airbrush Makeup?

It saves time:

You mainly undoubtedly won’t wish for wasting valuable time touching up makeup because it has faded, on any grand event. The foremost benefit of airbrush makeup is that it executed beautifully and makes your day exceptionally well, without any worries. It applies quickly and stays long, much longer than your expectations, and is water-resistant. The airbrush makeup is silicone-based or alcohol-based, hence can withstand longer.

Spotless Finish:

Airbrushing lets the makeup products apply uniformly, resulting in an immaculately silky soft finish. With a flawless finish, it can stay up to eighteen hours without moving but the only problem is that if it gets messed up before drying out, then it will be hard to set it up and blend it up again with the remaining product on to the skin. So, don’t be clumsy or tear-freak before it dries out completely.

Airbrush makeup could appear to be flaky if the skin is dehydrated or simply dry.

The airbrush makeup works amazingly in combination with perfectly moisturized skin. If you are going ahead for airbrush makeup then, prepare your skin well by moisturizing the skin. Do drink lots of liquid to hydrate the skin, as hydrated skin is another good friend of airbrush makeup.

Satisfactory coverage with Less amount of product:

Less amount of product with high coverage is almost impossible with the traditional foundations. But, it is achievable with airbrush makeup. Yes, airbrush makeup requires only a few drops of makeup products, and it is good to go, giving you high coverage with an impeccable appearance. The only drawback is that the shade’s range is limited, and the regular foundations are not advisable to use as they have a thick consistency. But, you can always mix and match; repeated efforts will make you perfect.

How to set up an Airbrush makeup kit:

Components of an Airbrush makeup kit:

The airbrush makeup kit consists of three components, airbrush stylus, air hose, air compressor, and AC adapter.

  • Airbrush stylus: It is the main framework of the kit. It is more like a metal spray gun. It mainly comprises a color cup, trigger, and air hose connector. The color cup holds the makeup products well. The trigger facilitates showering the makeup onto the skin by regulating airflow. The air hose connector connects the stylus to the air hose.
  • Air hose: It is a pipe/tube-like structure, connecting the air stylus to the air compressor.
  • Air compressor: It pushes the air to the air stylus through an air hose. It creates a steady pressure of airflow that enables the makeup to sprinkle evenly onto the desired area.
  • Adapter: Air compressor connects to the AC adapter.

Setting up an Airbrush Makeup kit:

It is an easy task to set up the airbrush kit. It might look tricky, but it isn’t at all. Here are simple steps that will leave you with no hindrance in setting up the airbrush kit.

  1. Connect the AC adapter to the air compressor.
  2. Connect the air compressor to the air hose and connect the other side of the air hose to the airbrush stylus.
  3. Connect the AC adapter to the switch.

How does an Airbrush Makeup kit work:

It is crucial to prep the skin before starting makeup. Airbrush makeup also needs prepping the skin for sleek applications and amazing results.

How to prepare the skin for airbrush makeup:

Prepare your skin by cleaning it thoroughly. Cleansers or astringents are great for removing all the dirt and oil. If you have dry skin, then moisturize it properly. Oily skin people should not forget to moisturize the skin as well. Moisturizing will prevent makeup products from the flaky appearance. Concealing the under eyes, blemishes, any redness, or discoloration before showering foundation is a pro technique, this tip will help you to achieve a spotless look.

How to use an Airbrush Makeup kit:

Step 1:

Pour the makeup into the color cup. Four drops will do great for moisturizer, primer, liquid blush, and concealer. Four to six drops will be enough for the foundation.

Step 2:

Adjust the lever to make sure your product comes out in the amount required.

Step 3:

Turn on the switch and adjust the air compressor. Make sure the air compressor remains switched on throughout the application.

Step 4:

Position the air stylus approximately six inches apart and start spraying the product in a circular motion. If you are going for a double-action airbrush then, first press down the trigger for the airflow and pull the trigger back for showering the product in a circular motion. If you are opting for a single-action airbrush, then first press the trigger down for regulating airflow and then twist the knob outwards for spraying the product.

You can minimize the distance from six inches when you have to focus on a particular area.

Step 5:

For shifting from one to another product, add a few drops of water into the color cup and spray out onto a clean piece of cloth until the product in the color cup fades away. You can now pour the next product to apply on to the skin. Flushing out the product before adding another product is essential. It will limit the mixing of the colors and prevent clogging.

Step 6:

Adjust the air pressure according to your necessity.

And that is all, hope this short article helped you clear up any confusion on how to set up your airbrush makeup system. Now is time for some experiments and lots of fun. Enjoy!

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