PUR Liquid Veil Spray Airbrush Makeup Foundation Review
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  • Post published:June 4, 2020

Our inner diva is constantly looking to achieve a flawless, impeccable look. There are millions of products in the market to help us achieve this look. You may use your regular foundation, which is fine. But you deserve the best product with the perfect touch and comfort to suit your daily routine. PUR liquid veil spray foundation helps you adorn your picture-perfect look throughout your long day.

Women take up challenging professions in this modern world. PUR Liquid Veil Spray Foundation is lightweight and long-lasting allowing you to sail through your busy day confidently without worrying about having to adjust your look now and then. It is a dream come true for those women who prefer to use light makeup to get the perfect skin tone.

Interestingly, PUR Liquid Veil Spray Foundation comes with so many benefits that you will ever see in your regular foundations. Of course, you need to know more about it before you start using it. Let us dive into the extraordinary features as a PUR Liquid Veil Spray Foundation review now.

Exciting product features

4-in-1 purpose

Can a single product cater to your four different skin needs? Yes! You have hit the jackpot with PUR Liquid Veil Foundation. You can use it as a foundation, highlighter, contour cream and also give a dazzling satiny finishing touch to your skin.

However, it does depend on the shade of foundation you use. A shade darker than your complexion will be your ideal contour cream. Professional women stuck at work all day can also confidently wear the super-satiny look by using the foundation with loose powder as base and top. Are you in a hurry to get to the fundraiser or just to pick up groceries? No worries, PUR Liquid Veil Foundation is to your rescue to get you seamless in a jiffy.

The liquid crystal miracle

PUR Liquid Veil Foundation has liquid crystals that give your skin the fresh, dewy summer look. It retains moisture and gives you the much-needed hydrated glow on a long sunny day.

The liquid crystal gel also mimics the lipids of our skin cells to stimulate and let our skin regenerate quicker. This foundation comes with miraculous quality. So, it not only gives you a fresh look but also a blessing in disguise for those dealing with age spots, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation.

The ingenious Ceretin complex

PUR Liquid Veil Spray Foundation has the unique Ceretin complex of PUR. They care so much about you that Pur goes to the extent of creating their own complex to complement your complexion.

If you do not apply any other regular foundation properly, it clogs your skin pores and causes blemishes and breakouts in your skin. Whereas, the Ceretin complex here ensures the Pur spray foundation does not clog your skin pores no matter how you apply the foundation. This anti-clogging property prevents blemishes and breakouts in your skin. Moreover, it smoothens lines, wrinkles, evens skin tone and gives you the stunning age-defying look.

This complex makes your makeup routine simple and easy. Those women who do not like to spend hours on makeup or those who are super busy can still achieve the super-satin smooth finish with this foundation.

The mineral-based safety

Using minerals in cosmetics has been popular since ancient times. Mineral-based makeups contain oxides of iron and zinc that are naturally available in our earth. Traditional liquid foundations are heavy. So, as time goes by the foundation sinks in our wrinkles and fine lines making them appear more prominently. This, in turn, will defeat the whole purpose of wearing a foundation. It also melts away in warm temperatures and turns flaky in cold weather.

Whereas, mineral-based liquid foundations are lightweight. Hence, they do not sink or clog our skin pores. The minerals could also withstand different temperatures and prevent our makeup from melting away.

The Pur spray foundation is a mineral-based product. It does not have any artificial dyes, fillers or fragrances. As a result, the simple mixture devoid of all artificial components keeps your skin safe from any allergy or irritation.

No butane liquid spray foundation

Butanes are compounds that we derive from gas and petroleum. Most cosmetic products use butanes as propellants to give a uniform and effective spray foundation makeup. Cosmetic manufacturers use butane prevalently instead of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) that are toxic to our environment.

You can contribute to saving our environment by replacing the CFCs in your cosmetics. But none can save you if you use cosmetics with butane. The compound has so many ill effects when we inhale them. Prolonged inhalation affects your heart rhythm and may even lead to cardiac arrest and death.

PUR Liquid Veil Spray Foundation cares about you holistically. They are a special formula involving years of hard work to give you a butane-free experience for long life.

Paraben-free Pur Spray foundation

Cosmetics contain parabens as chemical preservatives in them. They protect the cosmetics from the growth of unwanted fungi, mould and bacteria. At first, cosmetics with parabens may sound good as you can store the product for a long time. But, the cumulative effect of these parabens in your body is disastrous. On prolonged usage, these parabens accumulate in our body. Researchers link paraben accumulations to serious complications such as hormonal imbalance, tumours, skin irritation and reproductive disorders.

Pur doesn’t take even the slightest chance to put your health at risk. This foundation is completely paraben-free. Hence, it is perfectly safe to use it regularly in your daily makeup routine. The Pur Liquid Veil Spray Foundation puts together traditional components with a modern twist.

Makeup no longer at the mercy of the weather gods

Do you worry a lot about the weather when you wear makeup? Are you extra cautious with your makeup on a rainy day? Not all foundations are suitable for any type of weather. Thanks to Pur Liquid Veil Spray Foundation designers who were very thoughtful.

You can wear it flawlessly for hours in a cool, humid day without the fear of caking, cracking or giving you an oily look. The spray foundation is water-resistant and blends well with your skin’s natural oil. This, in turn, will give you the ever-lasting fresh look.

Environment- and animal-friendly product

Pur has formulated this product with utmost care to the user and the environment. First of all, it does not use any animals for testing the product. There is no butane, an aerosol propellant that we usually find in cosmetics.

Instead, it uses Hydrofluoroolefin (HFO), a non-toxic and eco-friendly compound. It is noteworthy as it has zero ozone depletion potential. Moreover, the foundation, as well as the package, do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA). The accumulation of BPA in our body may have detrimental effects. Pur’s airbrush spray foundation is remarkable as both the product and the package are designed mindfully to have minimal impact on our environment.

Now let’s learn how to use it.

How do you apply Pur Liquid Veil Spray Foundation?

Though the name suggests a spray foundation, you can get optimum results with minimal usage if you spray it on a brush rather than directly on the face. It is quick and easy to get an even skin tone with this spray foundation. Let us see how to use it step-by-step.

  • Prep your skin with a suitable moisturizer of your choice. Moisturizer will give you a uniform skin surface to apply the foundation. It also keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day.
  • The spray foundation package itself looks similar to a hair spray package. Shake the sprayer well before using it.
  • Now all you have to do is spray the foundation on a chisel brush. You can also use a Pur skin-perfecting foundation brush for better effect.
  • There is no need to overload the brush with the foundation. A gentle spray is sufficient.
  • Buff in the foundation from the brush in a circular motion on your desired area of coverage.
  • If you prefer more than one coating of foundation, let it dry for at least 30 seconds before you apply the next layer.
  • Keep building light layers or coatings as per your needs.

What’s good about the Pur Liquid Veil Spray Foundation

  • This spray foundation is quick and simple to apply. Beginners and amateurs can easily get a uniform coat with it.
  • The package itself is light, compact and easy to carry. You will find it convenient to use as it fits perfectly in your palm.
  • Oily skin is most prone to acne and breakouts. Women with oily skin rummage the market to find a product that suits their skin. The PUR Veil foundation is an ideal solution for oily skin type.
  • The product and package are devoid of any toxic chemicals. Hence, it is ideal for sensitive skin.
  • It is the best spray foundation that is lightweight on the skin. It almost feels like your second skin. It spares you from the heavy feeling of wearing makeup.
  • It gives you the gorgeous, fresh, dewy look that holds well for more than eight hours.
  • Pur Veil foundation doesn’t stop by giving you a classy flawless look. You are in for a 2-in-1 treat. It goes a step further and nourishes your skin with its unique Ceretin complex and liquid crystals. The foundation is a spectacular combination of makeup and skincare regime.
  • The shades of this spray foundation are beautiful. They go well with different complexions. However, choose the right or nearest tone that goes with your skin.
  • Above all, the foundation is worth the price. You will rarely find such quality products with unique features at this price in the market.
  • Pur doesn’t test the products on animals. It is 100% cruelty-free. Hence, it gives you a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind when you use cruelty-free products.

And here are the drawbacks:

  • As it is a butane-free product, the sprayer may not function properly at times. However, it is a little price to pay when we think about the side effects of using butane in cosmetics.
  • Though the name states spray foundation, you will not get good results if you spray it directly onto the face. You will need a chisel brush to use the foundation effectively.
  • Though the light nature of the foundation is an advantage, it makes your skin exposed to sunlight.

Take away thoughts

Gone are the days where you consider an airbrush makeup complex and reserve it for special occasions. It is now available at your reach. With Pur Liquid Veil Spray Foundation, you can simply prep your skin, spray the foundation and buff onto your face. Easy-peasy! You can now flaunt your airbrushed look elegantly.

It gives you a stunning, satin-like, flawless finish. It is not only a spray foundation makeup but also age-defying skincare. You can easily wear this lightweight foundation, with awesome coverage for a fresh, dewy, model-like look.

The Certain complex is one of its kind. You will not find it in any other foundation. The traditional mineral-based composition instills more trust in the product. Moreover, it is versatile and serves a 4-in-1 purpose making it an ideal choice for any occasion. Pur takes the utmost care to use non-toxic products. Hence, we can rest assured that it is safe to use without being prone to any irritation.

Happy consumers state that they look ten years younger with this spray foundation. It continues to transform people’s looks just like Cinderella’s fairy god-mother.

The product ensures safety not only to its user but also to our environment. Overall, you can see that the merits of the spray foundation outweigh its demerits. This unique liquid spray foundation will be a valuable collection and an ideal base for your airbrush makeup.

Will you add Pur Veil Air Spray Foundation to your airbrush makeup kit? If you are using one already you can share your experience with us. We would love to hear from you. Let us know how comfortable you feel when you use it. I believe sharing is caring. Don’t forget to share this piece of information in your friends’ circle who are looking for a good airbrush makeup foundation.