Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation Review | Is It Worth It?
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  • Post published:June 5, 2020

Your skin deserves a smooth and flawless finish with the make-up you wear. All the secret of a youthful-looking skin lies in the skincare routine that you follow. The skin care makeup gives an elegant, glowing and healthy skin to women that looks gorgeous with the protection that it provides.

The options women have to choose from today about their primers and foundations are infinite which makes the task of looking for a perfect make-up for their skin more difficult. The balance between skin-friendly make-up with good coverage is hard to find.

If you’re in search of a foundation that balances everything out with an elegant makeup then you may have to consider magic minerals airbrush foundation by Jerome Alexander.

  • How well the airbrush stand up to its competitors?
  • Will it suit your skin?
  • What is the set that you should go for?

If you are searching for these answers then you have landed at the right place.

The magic minerals airbrush foundation by Jerome Alexander is a 5 piece makeup kit, also available in different sets which promise to deliver Hollywood level makeup within your budgetary needs. The aim is to deliver a runaway look with smooth airbrushed precision which results in flawless skin.

The five-piece make-up set consists of a liquid skin primer, two foundation sprays (one mineral foundation spray and other a setting spray) and two Kabuki brushes. This skincare set is made of three ingredients that helps repair the skin-Argireline, Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl 3000.

Hyaluronic Acid often called the ‘foundation of youth’ adds a hydrating lubricant to the skin which prevents ageing. Argireline, on the other hand, is a mixture of three different amino acids that reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Matrixyl 300 smoothens the skin, reduces elasticity and makes the skin look more natural.

Let’s understand how each product helps in giving a perfect finish so that we can surmise the combination

LiquidSilk Primer

LiquidSilk is a very light primer which reduces fine lines and pores on your skin. It smooths out the uneven tone of the skin and prepares it for the AirBrush Foundation to be applied next.

Airbrush Foundation

The hidden feature of the Jerome Alexander airbrush foundation lies in its microfine mist technology that provides non-streaky even finish throughout the day. It’s so light that makeup on the skin is hard to feel.

It’s a formula which protects the generation of excessive oil and thus the makeup lasts longer than the other competitors. On one hand, the sweat-proof formula hydrates the skin, at the same time with the even tone it brightens the skin as well. It can help you achieve an impromptu touch up with a matte finish.

Kabuki Brush

This unique brush makes blending easy and effortless. The strokes give the precision one desires with an all-over application.

3 Different sets for different Budgets and Needs

Two-Piece Set with Airbrush Foundation and Kabuki Brush

This set gives you a very basic quick make-up with just the spray foundation and one kabuki brush to even it out. The spray foundation can be sprayed on the skin directly or on the brush, both yields good results. The brush is big, dense and flat with an intentional slight angle. It’s a great option if you are tight on budget and don’t need a heavy party look. Although the shades are limited than 3 and 5 pieces set, this one saves you money.

Three-Piece set (Airbrush Foundation, Primer & Kabuki Brush)

This set is most famous among the lot as it allows the first time user to try the foundation with the spray primer. It appeals because it claims to be extra hydrating, also for those who have dry skin spray foundation is an added benefit. It gives nice medium coverage with the added power of the primer.

Although it’s a little expensive than the set of 2, the product is of great value considering the content, especially for the first time users who demand more than just basic makeup. Also, the added variety in the number of shades is a bonus.

Five-piece set( Airbrush Foundation, Primer, Setting Spray, 2 Kabuki brushes)

If you demand a high-class model makeup with the lightness of a feather, this 5 piece set by Jerome Alexander magic minerals Airbrush foundation has got you covered. It comes with 2 brushes to smooth out the makeup later as well. Also, if you desire a long-lasting makeup that settles on your skin longer than the regular one, it’s a great option.

How to use the products?

LiquidSilk Primer Spray

  1. Shake the bottle well
  2. Hold it two inches away from the brush
  3. Spray one or two sprays on the brush
  4. Apply it gently and in a regular manner on your face

Airbrush Foundation Spray

  1. Shake the bottle for 3-5 seconds
  2. Hold the bottle two inches away from the brush head
  3. Spray two sprays onto the brush
  4. Apply the foundation on the face in even circular motion
  5. To cover particular spots gently dab on the areas with a spot for extra coverage


  • 5 in 1 set concealer, powder, foundation, and brushes all in one.
  • Light Application with a naturally polished look
  • Covers large dark spots smoothly without leaving patches
  • Moisturizes the face well
  • Easy to use and good for all the skin types
  • Controls oil on the screen for longer application
  • Covers the decolouration of the face
  • No irritation
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy and quick use


  • Contains NN Sun Protection
  • Shades slightly darker in comparison to other brands
  • Lack of corrective colours
  • The brush shed easily

FAQ for Alexander Jerome Airbrush Foundation

How to use the kit step by step?

  • Prepare your face

It is necessary that before applying make-up your face is washed with a good cleanser. A skincare routine must be followed along with the make-up routine. The skin must be dry and all the extra moisturizer must be absorbed properly before applying the makeup. No cream should be on your face from the previous application.

  • Primer

As we have discussed above on how to use the primer. Make sure that it is sprayed onto the brush at an angle and not directly. The important part is to evenly apply the primer.

  • Foundation

The foundation is to be used in very little amount. The product has faced a lot of criticism for over make-up, actually what happens is that customers over-use the foundation and then get a layered ugly looking makeup. The key is to take a little that goes a long way. Otherwise, you’ll get a thick look with heavy makeup all day. The face and neck should be evenly coated.

  • Final touch

The mineral powders are to be added to balance the contouring and shine after the foundation has been applied. The brush may require a wash before application.

Why Primer is essential?

While in many cases the foundation could be used alone, the primer provided hydrates, smoothens and lifts the tone of your skin even before applying the foundation. The even blending of the primer on the face and neck makes the face ready for the foundation and also balances the tone of the skin.

What is magic mineral powder?

The magic mineral is a self-correcting powder for giving an overall base to the makeup. It is equivalent of foundation, powder, colour correctors and concealer all in the form of a mineral palette that fits in one hand. This balanced mineral makeup decreases fine line and wrinkles on the skin with even distribution and also keeps the skin hydrated.

Is makeup good for large pores?

Airbrush is one of the best makeup for small wrinkles as it settles on the skins and covers them smoothly. However, for large pores, the major problem is the application. The makeup may sink into these pores and may look weird sitting on the top. The key is to apply the makeup slowly and smoothly so that the pores don’t look overdone and wrinkles are properly covered.

What are the shades available?

The biggest drawback of the product for a long time was that the 3 piece set was only sold in 4 different shades for a long time. The brand realised that the broadest customer base they have invests in a 3 piece set. Everyone does not want a five-piece set finished make-up while some cannot afford one.

With the new changes now the 3 piece set is also available in 8 different shades as the 5 piece set. The 2 piece set is however only available in three shades light, medium and medium-dark.

Another limitation has been the complaints regarding people getting a darker shade in comparison to what they assume would fit their skin. So with Jerome Alexander, you must go with a lighter shade while ordering.

The medium shade works fine if you are not super tan or pale.

The shade range for the 3 and 5 piece sets consists of:

  • Fair
  • Light
  • Light-medium
  • Warm-medium
  • Medium
  • Medium-dark
  • Dark
  • Dark espresso

Is it ideal for all-weather types?

The super dine primer spray is water and sweat resistant. It decreases the sweat secretion on the skin and thus gives a very long-lasting make-up. Hence, this makeup is perfect to be used in the summer climates.

The buildable coverage also adds a very lightweight on your skin. The breathable mineral formula makes it easy to perform daily task along with this makeup. Most women compliant that they constantly feel disturbed or bothered as if something is on their face which makes concentration on daily tasks difficult, magic minerals airbrush foundation by Jerome Alexander solves this problem.

The combination of the ingredients makes it suitable for all the skin types and all the weathers.

Which set should you get?

The most ideal way to calculate is through your budget. The only limitation is the number of shades. However, if you can afford all three the next thing which you can consider is the level of makeup you desire. Not all women like to wear makeup. If you are someone who just needs an even tone touch up and nothing like bright, shining and smooth skin you can let go of the 5 piece set.

The best overall of the lot is the 3 piece set, it is good value for money. The added primer helps you get most of the airbrush that you desire and makes it last longer on your skin. Also, the choice of 8 different shades opens up.

The 5 piece set is really for those who struggle with their makeup all day. The setting spray prolongs the wear time.

What does the customer expect?

Expansion of the Shade Range

The biggest complaints from the customer have been regarding the limitation of shade range in 2 and 3 piece set. While Jerome Alexander has expanded the shade range in the 3 piece set, the expansion in the 2 pieces set as well as the overall expansion would be much appreciated.

This significant improvement may add to the sales of the brand and could help it become an all-time favourite brand.


While the product has got almost no reviews of any allergies, few customers have complained that they were allergic to particular ingredients in the product.

MagicMineral AirBrush Liquid Silk Primer: Butane, Dimethicone, Propane, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Phenyl Trimethicone, Cetyl Dimethicone, Parfum

MagicMineral Airbrush Foundation: Butane, Aqua, Propane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Phenyl Trimethicone, Mineral Oil, Glycerin, Alcohol, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Dimethicone, Silica, Lauryl PEG-9/ Polydimethylsiloxyet/Hyl Dimethicone, Butylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Propanediol, Hyaluronic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Tocopherol, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Prunus Speciosa Flower Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Propylene Carbonate, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Caprylyl Glycol, Carbomer, Polysorbate 20, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Tripeptide, Kassou Ebisu, fragrance. May contain; titanium dioxide/ ci 77891, iron oxides/ci 77489, ci 77491, ci77492, ci77499.

Check this ingredients list before you buy this product and make sure that you are allergic to none of its contents. The product works well on sensitive skin as well and has a very faint pleasant smell.

The Alex Jerome Airbrush Foundation could be sold individually

Many customers desire that they need just the foundation as the options for better brushes are available. While this may decrease the sales of the brush but Jerome Alexander could experiment to see the result.

The magic minerals Airbrush foundation proves to provide an airbrushed effect without spending too much money and time on your make-up. The contents of the product boost collagen production, prevent ageing, decreases fine lines and has benefits of skincare. It is easy to apply and the primer, foundation and brushes will require only 5 minutes to give an ultralight breathable make-up. The 8 shades options make it available for all colour tones.

There are other products in the market such as Sephora Collection Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation Cream and Sally Hansen Airbrush Face Makeup but neither of them comes with a primer and kabuki brush.

Our Final Verdict

The final call comes down to, Is the magic minerals Jerome Alexnader good investment?

The product is a great investment for those who want to switch their makeup and try something new. There are few things like orange hue and light colour tones to keep in mind but overall it fits well.

The product has a good overall rating on the web. The things customers have struggled with are already mentioned above and there are options to be secure from those things. The kabuki brush sheds easily and it’s better to use the product with other brushes. The lightweight breathable makeup which this product gives is the centre of attraction for most ladies.

This is all I guess you need to know about the product before buying, Thank you for reading the magic minerals Airbrush Foundation by Jerome Alexander review. If you have any further question feel free to connect in the comment section. Dropdown your experience of using the product below. Also, if you found this article useful share it with your friends.