Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit Review | All You Need to Know
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  • Post published:June 11, 2020

If you want to spice up things a bit with your makeup and you’ve decided to use an airbrush to do that, the likes of the Dinair airbrush makeup kit is what you need.

This famous airbrush makeup kit is claimed to make you ace your makeup game by providing you a fruitful output in terms of awesome makeup with just little investment. In this article, I’ll tell you exactly why should you prioritize this specific product amidst a variety of similar products in the market? Let’s dive into it girls!

First things first, for those who only vaguely heard about airbrush makeup, what is it exactly, you might wonder. It is basically a device that helps you spray makeup on your face instead of using a variety of brushes, sponges, and other makeup tools to apply your airbrush. Apart from its advantages we discuss in our detailed article about airbrush makeup, it is super fun to use as well.

The Dinair airbrush makeup has been in the airbrush makeup kits market for many years and has stayed in the top choice for many of us, due to high-quality build, affordable price and ease of use.

Dinair airbrush makeup kit, a closer look

dinair airbrush makeup kitThe Dinair kit stands out because of its diverse features far better than the contemporary makeup brushes. This is a complete kit at affordable rates and includes the following:

  1. Four Glamour medium foundation shades
  2. Four bonus colors of blusher, eyeliner, shadow and brow color, and a shimmer. (0.25 Oz quantity)
  3. Pro Dinair CX Beauty airbrush
  4. Facial tanner
  5. Moist and dewy moisturizer
  6. Concealer
  7. Designer stencil set
  8. Zippered travel bag with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  9. Extremely comprehensive DVD instructional guide

More about using the Dinair airbrush

Before applying foundation with an airbrush, you should make sure that it is well suited for your skin, applying darker shade may result in a ‘tan spray’ look, applying lighter color may result in a ‘sickly-pale’ look.

To make sure you use the right skin tone, it is a simple step that you should follow before doing a complete makeup session. A ‘patch test’ is a must. Carry out a patch test by applying a thin layer on your lower part of the cheek and see how well the foundation sits on your skin. In this way you will also get used to the pressure you need to apply on the trigger to give out the required quantity of a liquid product in the airbrush.

Keeping in mind this procedure, know that even a few drops of foundation will give you even coverage and flawless finish just with 1-2 passes. On the other hand, if you need a greater amount for good coverage for example for pimples or marks using the Dinair pro concealer, the airbrush tool is effective enough to hide any skin issues with just one press by increasing the number of passes. Your skin will be perfectly covered, smooth, and beautiful.

Other useful features

The kit includes four vivid and natural-looking colors of eye shadows that define the shape of your eyes perfectly.

Having a perfect liner is one of the most difficult and nerve-racking tasks in makeup, wouldn’t you agree? The Dinair airbrush is quite precise, I must say, once you use it a few times you’d know exactly where it will spray, with what density and width.

The Dinair system provides a stencil set to do makeup like a skilled makeup artist. Even to define your brows, the stencil set provides a variety of stencils in different shapes and cuts that not only eases the task but also gives an opportunity to experiment with different kinds of styles and eye makeups. You can be innovative in the least risky way by using this set provided in the kit. It works for both a makeup pro and a newbie. If you practice even a little bit with the Dinair, your makeup can be a real game-changer.

How to use the Dinair airbrush makeup kit

The Dinair airbrush is intuitive and easy to use. If you’ve never used an airbrush makeup system before, make sure you practice on a canvas first before applying on your face. And you might want to use kids water-based paint to train as the foundation for airbrush is expensive and you don’t want to waste it.

When you’re feeling confident enough, put 2-5 drops of Dinair pro foundation in a small container on your applicator. Hold it like a normal brush but it should be perpendicular to your face and around 6-12 inches away from the surface where you are going to apply makeup at. Hold the brush firm yet be relaxed when applying the makeup.

Then press the trigger in a gentle manner so that the air is released out. You can control the pressure and amount of foundation being sprayed by pressing the trigger more or less.

Furthermore, this device requires regular cleaning to make it work effectively. Proper usage makes it essential to clean after each use so that the system does not get clogged with the residue of the liquid product you used. Nonetheless, if you notice it approaching the red mark, you can use the washing system to eliminate further complications and you will get a brand new airbrush all set up for another use.

A Guide with instructions helps you use the airbrush

There is a DVD guide included in the kit to help those who are new to using airbrush makeup systems. The steps of maintenance and how to apply makeup are thoroughly explained in detail. Proper use of the airbrush is a must if you want to use it for a long time without clogging, breaking or simply applying makeup wrong. The customer service of the Dinair is also available to help you if you have any additional questions.

More about the Dinair kit and Dinair brand

Dinair has created their airbrush makeup so it can provide perfect makeup for up to 24 hours as the foundation is waterproof, sweatproof as it is silicon-based. Dinair airbrush also claim their makeup is transfer-resistant, so you don’t get the makeup on clothes, hands etc. When you wipe your face with a tissue or hug someone, you won’t see any makeup speckles on the surface that came into contact with your skin.

Dinair is aware that airbrush makeup is usually unsuitable for dry skin or normal skin during the winter as the skin needs a lot of hydration. Therefore, they suggest using the moisturizer in the kit.

Their airbrush system is lightweight an gives a natural effect without blocking your pores and also helps your skin look younger by giving you an extra fresh and tight-skin look. ‘Less is more’: this phenomenon is best suited to Dinair airbrush which is actually what I look for.

The kit provides a wide range of foundations specially made for airbrush makeup and are suitable for all light and medium skin colors. As to dark-skinned users, there are options such as the Egyptian Bronze and Nutmeg foundations to get that perfect highlight and shining of the skin.

Dinair assures their customers that their products have no adverse effect on the skin in terms of acne, breakouts, blemishes, dryness, irritation, etc. One customer says since they use airbrush foundation, they haven’t got any acne for the last six months.

Unlike standard makeup brushes that get worn out every other month with the fringes getting damaged, there is no need for the constant purchase of brushes when using an airbrush. Just as brushes, the sponges can give a hard time too. They can be blotched with permanent makeup marks that require a great deal of effort to remove them. Moreover, Dinair reminds it’s users that standard brushes and sponges easily get dirt and all sorts of germs and bacteria even without using the (as time goes by), making them a lot less hygienic for your skin.

I slowly began to love airbrush makeup overall, there is something both sophisticated and easy about it, and I feel like an artist painting a canvas every time I use it.

The airbrush compressor has options to vary the speed for a total control and effectiveness of the nozzle size just according to your desires. All of this will make you get that desired look in no time. You no longer have to spend hours on applying the perfect layer of foundation or get super annoyed when applying blusher. Just choose the desired settings and you’re good to go.

What customers say about the Dinair airbrush makeup kit

After viewing many reviews from other customers like me, I can say that we all like how the makeup settles on our skin. With little effort, you can achieve a look as if made by a well-known and experienced make-up artist.

Also, my fellow customers really appreciated the fact that the adjustment of makeup using this airbrush is so smooth that it does not create any visible lines. When you use a regular source of applying makeup, you notice thin lines of makeup after some time but this product here is to eradicate all this stress from your life. The bags under your eyes now look perfectly concealed and covered in makeup.

Other customers shared that their skin looked impeccable in photographs after applying makeup using products from the Dinair makeup kit.

“You no longer need to fear HD photos and zooming in to see your crater-like skin.”

Furthermore, when it came to repairs and returns, broken or faulty parts were replaced by a new one by the company with ease and cooperation. The customer care service was friendly and cooperative in replacing functioning issues and advise the customers regarding the effective use of the products given in the kit.

Besides that, there is no specification for the age group in using this. A young girl will gain benefit from this as much as a middle-aged woman. If you learn the proper working system of this airbrush, there will be no obstacle on your way to a great makeup. As the kit provides an additional travel bag, it makes the airbrush portable. You can carry it to your vacation spots and get an appealing makeup when you are rushing to your travel destinations. The endeavors to look ravishing in travel pictures will also be reduced using this makeup kit.

If you’re using it at home for yourself, it is highly beneficial but if you are working as a professional makeup artist, you should waste no time to grab your hands on this makeup kit to satisfy more customers in a certain time and flourish your business. It is definitely a must-have for both the categories. This will also polish your own makeup skills to a level where you don’t need to spend more than your capacity at salons to get your makeup done.


The price depends on the type of Dinair kit you get. The cheapest set starts from $139 with just 4 colors of shades when the most expensive set with the most tools and 16 colors of shade goes for the pricey $329.

Dinair is the original airbrush makeup manufacturer, which explains the slightly higher price, which is complemented by the extra high quality of the product.

The most important thing to consider is that Dinair offers good build quality and lots of tools in the kit (see above). I personally like the ease of use, the control of how much foundation you spray.


The Dinair kit provides a lot of tools, a wide variety of foundations, and a stencil set which is worth its price both for beginners and advanced users.

The things I love about this kit is that the foundations in the kit are waterproof and are suitable for all types of skin color. The grip and nozzle are very comfortable and easy to clean as well. The company also provides one of the best customer service and warranty support in the airbrush makeup niche.

Now you know everything about the Dinair airbrush!

Thank you for reading this article. I hope that it answered most of your questions about this kit. If of course, you have a more specific question, you can contact the Dinair company itself.

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