Dinair Airbrush Make-up Foundation: Product Review and Buyer’s Guide 
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  • Post published:April 26, 2020

Ever wondered what is the secret behind the flawlessly looking skin of celebrities on the red carpet or of brides on their wedding days? Very often, this amazing look is achieved with an airbrush makeup system and foundation.

Good news is, you can easily achieve that photoshoot-ready look even on a regular basis. Going to your office or commuting for a daily ride can seem like going into a ready carpet. Thanks to the Dinair Airbrush Makeup foundation. This product will provide you the natural filter of a flawlessly looking skin that is durable, long-lasting and non-cakey.

Airbrush foundation is best applied with an air brush gun but can also be used with sponges. Compared to conventional ones, this foundation spares you the use of concealers, setting powders and primer because its coverage provides the benefits of all. The application comes at ease without the need to bake and build up layers with a sponge. Its composition, consistency and convenience would make this your go-to makeup.

To give you a better look about the wide advantages of this product, we will elaborate its features, pros and cons in this detailed guide:

Non-comedogenic and vegan-based formula of the Dinair airbrush makeup

The most important thing to take into consideration when buying make-up products is formulation. A lot of cosmetics contain harmful formula that ruins your skin in the long run. With Dinair, you can achieve a flattering make-up look while also taking care of your skin. Made to compliment all skin types, this foundation is packed with organic and non-harmful chemicals. Its non-comedogenic formula provides light and less oily ingredients that does not clog the pores. This is perfect for covering up large pores, blemishes and acne without the fear of aggravating it. It is also hypo-allergenic. Designed for sensitive skin, application of this product won’t trigger eczema, irritation or any redness. Lastly, this foundation is vegan and cruelty-free, meaning it is not derived from any animal-based ingredients. You can transform your face into a perfect canvass with ease, knowing that it is formulated with nourishing ingredients.

Light-weight but full coverage

Dinair’s light-weight consistency provides a sheer hydrated glow despite its ultra coverage. Depending on layering, it can be used for small corrections up to hiding the most stubborn imperfections. Equipped with paramedic coverage, it easily conceals acne breakouts and scars, dark spots, dark circles, sun spots, vitiligo, hyperpigmentation, bruises and even unwanted tattoos. Unlike with traditional liquid foundations, more visible skin conditions require a layer of foundation, color corrector, concealer and powder. With Dinair alone, you can quickly hide them off conveniently.

All of these are possible without giving you the flaky finish of a heavy make-up. When used over the face, it sets like a fine mist, leaving a natural smoothness and ample pigmentation. This is perfect for sporting the no make up look on regular days or flaunting off soft glams.

Multi-purpose foundation

Dinair foundation is an excellent base but it can serve other purposes. You can apply it with a variety of techniques and it will adhere to whichever you are opting for. Either highlighting, concealing or contouring, all are achieved with ease of use. Say goodbye to your combination of concealers and creams, Dinair solves your skin concerns alone.

For concealing, spray a few dots on an uneven skin tone and neutralize. For highlighting, build emphasis on targeted areas such as cheekbones and nose bridge to give a lustrous pop. When contouring, frame the outlines of the face using a darker shade. For correcting under eye discoloration, blend a lighter shade with your actual shade to cover-up. It can also be applied on other body parts such as the neck, hands and legs for blending in uneven tones. Lastly, body shimmer is achievable even with the absence of highlighter. With its opalescent colors, you can spritz radiance to your shoulder blades, collar bones, neck and any other areas.

Excellent pair for airbrush machines

Although this makeup foundation is applicable through sponges or brushes, it is more suitable with airbrush. Touch-free application makes it more sanitary and minimizes the risk of spreading skin diseases. Airbrushing is also convenient because it saves you from baking and blending. Upon spraying, the make-up is spread evenly and is absorbed by the skin. Since the spray is finely misted, it allows a seamless blend and smooth finish. It does not require setting mists or powder because it dries upon application in the skin.

Lastly, airbrushing allows ease of adjusting your finish. Advisably, spraying should be done 6 inches away from your face. Although you can apply this farther or nearer, depending on your preference. This will help you custom the amount of sprays for a range of sheer to medium and full coverage.

All day coverage

One of the greatest advantage of this foundation is it is formulated for an all day wear. This eliminates the hassle of reapplying when the pigmentation has either ran down or turned cakey. It is not just long-lasting but is also water resistant, weather proof, and rub proof. The use of airbrush kit optimizes these abilities.

No matter what situation you are running to, Dinair keeps your complexion flawless and hydrated. It sets firmly on skin that you won’t have to worry about smudging off the pigmentation.

The only downside is that it does not absorb excess oils for those with oily skin types. Nevertheless, an oil blotting paper would solve the problem. The wear ability and coverage stays 24-hour long.

Variety of shades for all skin tones

Finding the perfect foundation that matches your skin tone accurately is always a challenge. Dinair airbrush foundation ends this struggle with their wide array of shades for different skin colors. All of these are made fit for pink, yellow, olive, tan, and darker undertones. You can easily custom any of these to balance and compliment with your complexion. A combination of two to three shades are usually mixed to achieve a more natural touch.  Dinair has 19 shades for different skin tone matches:

  • Alabaster
  • Bronze
  • Cocoa
  • Dark Almond
  • Dark Brown
  • Dark Golden Beige
  • Dark Olive
  • Egyptian Bronze
  • Golden Olive
  • Golden Tan
  • Honey Beige
  • Light Golden Beige
  • Medium Brown
  • Natural Beige
  • Nutmeg
  • Olive Beige
  • Soft Brown
  • Tawny
  • Vanilla.

Aside from these shades, Dinair also comes with four finishes:

Natural: This is perfect for sheer to light finish. It enhances the skin’s natural pigmentation, giving you that glossy effect similar to famed Korean glass skin.

Velvet: This line ranges from sheer to soft matte finish. A medium version of matte, this will leave your skin velvety smooth after application.

Matte: This is designed with shades for a seamless but full coverage. Matte airbrush completely conceals the appearance of pores and unwanted imperfections in the skin. This is most suitable for an HD ready look that is non-cakey and with no white cast. Perfect for commercials, photo shoots or TV appearances.

Satin: This is the most common foundation finish. It ranges from a buildable medium to full coverage. Perfect for those who prefer their look to be in between dewy and matte.

Dinair Airbrush foundation stands out among traditional foundations for its seamless and light-weight finish. The build-up is so subtle that it gives a very natural yet flawless coverage. Most traditional foundations fail to do so by giving off a flaky and cakey texture. With Dinair, no matter how heavy your coverage, it still gives a skin-like after touch. It serves all skin types and skin tones with its safe and versatile formulation. Most foundation rely to silicon for longer-lasting durability. However, this harmful ingredient clogs the pores and can cause scarring. Dinair is safe and water-based. This makes it moisturizing and wearable for 24-hours.

What women who used the Dinair foundation have to say about it

There are wide customer satisfaction and favorable remarks for Dinair foundation. Here is a quick break down of what it is most commended for:

  • Light-weight formula: Most foundation wearers seek a light and natural feel on their skin. This is almost impossible for some products give a heavy texture to attain optimal coverage. But with Dinair, both is achievable. Customers praised its sheer radiance that appears like real flawless skin. Its consistency is so light, your skin will feel breathable and refreshed. This renders no drying effect or roughness after application.
  • Matte finish and full coverage: This product is also highly acclaimed because it sets subtly on skin. It allows you to have light to full coverage with an impeccably soft matte finish. Customers were impressed on its ability to camouflage spots, fine lines and other imperfections. Its coverage was even commended for hiding your real age.
  • Long-lasting and non-transferable: Dinair’s ability to withstand weather and varying temperatures also garnered positive reviews. Makeup wearers were very pleased with its all-day coverage that does not smudge off easily. This is a huge advantage, considering most consumers opt for convenience and longevity.
  • Works for sensitive skin: Girls with sensitive skin know how traumatic it can be to try different makeup products. A single application can trigger breakouts. But with Dinair, there is no need to fret. It garnered acclaims for its hypoallergenic and organic formulation. Users who had acne problems with other products found their best friend in Dinair.

Some nibbling points raised against this product are pretty much common but it is highly resolvable. Customers had a hard time using it with the air brush gun. Troubles rooted from malfunctioning airflow that affects the application of the foundation.

On the product itself, some users had a hard time blending shades to compliment their complexion. However, this takes personal practice. It can be helpful to combine a lighter and darker shade for more accurate results.

A common downside as well is that it does not fight off oil build-up. Fortunately, blotting papers are widely available to address this issue. You can also prep your skin with an oil-control toner and serums before applying foundation.


  • No Harmful Formula: Ingredients are non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.  Free of any oils (which clogs pores), parabens and silicones (which strips-off balance and can cause breakouts). It is also paraben-free and cruelty free.
  • Water-based formula: This keeps moisture at bay without the harmful effects of silicon-based products.
  • Has Variety of Uses: can be used as concealer, helps with contouring, highlighting and color correcting.
  • Self-blending coverage, non-transferable, rub-off resistant, water-proof and weather-proof.
  • Sets without powder
  • Can be applied with or without an airbrush kit
  • Rich in shades for all undertones and can be used on other body parts
  • Full and all-day coverage
  • Touch-Free Application
  • Affordable


  • Does not have oil-absorption formula
  • Using it with the air-brush kit may require practice

So, is the Dinair airbrush foundation any good?

Finding the perfect foundation that addresses your dilemmas could be quite a struggle. It’s a matter of complimenting your personal preference. Do you prefer a barely there look or a velvety matte finish? Do you need it to match your skin tone? Do you need it to settle evenly and conceal your spots while also withstanding temperatures and long hours? Or maybe, something that doesn’t irritate and is supple on your skin?

There is a wide beauty minefield out there but Dinair’s abilities stands out among the rest. Their finishes are also buildable which means you can easily adjust from natural, radiant look, to medium, full coverage. Depending on what look you are opting to, Dinair sets no limits. This cost effective foundation is a real best bud for all makeup wearers. I would say it’s very much convenient because it saves you from using other beauty products without depriving you the abilities of all. A foundation that sets perfectly, does not irritate, long-lasting and quick to apply. Make-up has never been this easy!

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By now, I probably would have convinced you of all the benefits of Dinair Airbrush Makeup foundation. Whether you are a regular makeup or non makeup wearer, I hope this guide gave you an elaborate help regarding Dinair foundation. If you’re on the lookout for you next airbrush makeup, Dinair is never a bad choice. Give it a try and experience its benefits firsthand. If this article was useful, feel free to share it with your makeup buddies.