Art of Air Professional Airbrush Makeup System Review
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  • Post published:June 5, 2020

The makeup choice is something that will make you regret especially when you look yourself in the mirror. Or sometimes when you review some of your old photos. It is something that frustrating and happens because of many reasons. For example, your makeup may look too shiny, cakey, and sometimes uneven.

How will you feel, if you are told all those problems have a solution? This is an option that gives you a flawless-looking all the time and can also be used regularly. It is nothing else, we are talking about Art of Air Airbrush Makeup System.

Getting a set of airbrush makeup kit gives you numerous benefits that leave your airbrush makeup experience at a breeze. That comes from a fact; it is simple to set up and wear.

After you get the box with Art of Air Airbrush Makeup kit, all you will do is set the machine up, plugin, and go!

Airbrush makeup is equipped with an array of makeup that you can try out such as shimmery highlight and bronzer. Therefore, with your new Art of Air Professional Airbrush kit, you will do all your facial makeup.

If you need to have a high-quality makeup kit, no need to look further in the market as this Art of Air Profession Airbrush makeup kit can give you a professional look. Read further to see the review of this Art of Air Airbrush makeup kit.

Art of Air Professional Airbrush Makeup Kit Overview

This type of makeup system is great for use and arrives with numerous things you won’t find with other makeup systems. If you can with it with other expensive competitors  such as Belloccio or Dinair, you will not find a reason to leave this model and buy them.

This airbrush makeup model has excellent features such as high pigment makeup range and made of high quality. It is rich in color and can show up boldly making this makeup kit enhance the beauty it provides.

Besides, the makeup color line has been formulated and developed from a renowned color lab having a long time experience of more than two decades. Something that will give you confidence is that this airbrush makeup kit has been used in the film industry by makeup artists and can give you best-looking coverage.

Many people have also recommended the use of this Art of Air makeup kit. They claim after wearing this makeup, they experience some improvement on their skins. It is a perfect makeup that helps to cover diminishes and imperfections at the same time.

Wearing this makeup gives you a clearer skin and yet less work is needed. As with other airbrush systems, you don’t have to be an expert to use this airbrush system.

Moreover, this Art of Air kit is useful for all as it is easy to use. The Art of Air Airbrush system is easy to set up the machine and the products that are fairly forgiving for an amateur hand. The foundation, on the other hand, is incredibly cheap when compared to other brands. Overall, this kit will not give you any worry about affordability.

Art of Air airbrush makeup compressor kit review (1) (1)Features of the Art of Airbrush

This Art of Airbrush Makeup System comes as a complete kit that has full-face makeup giving you a flawless and natural look. The product is usually marketed in the category of a professional system, although it is perfect for beginners.

More about this system, it has a foundation set with four pieces but perfect for use by people with lighter skin tone. Although, from the company, you can also get other products for use with different shades of skin.

Here are the features of the Art of Air Professional Airbrush Makeup System:

Four Different Types of Foundation

This makeup system is equipped with different types of foundations. As indicated above, it suits people with lighter skin tones. These types of foundations that come with this system are four which include golden olive, buff beige, sand, and movie star. In the four types of foundation, the movie star is usually the lightest while buff beige is the darkest.

All the four types are water-based. Therefore, that helps you create a full makeup look giving you a flawless and natural look. Checking at this model kit, it can be compared with some of the high-end models in the market. It is a perfect model for your daily makeup.

An added advantage to choose this foundation is that it is not fragranced and comes free from silicon and oil. That makes this foundation suitable for all skins as it is completely hypoallergenic. Moreover, it is durable such that you can wear once and last the rest of the day.


This makeup isn’t meaningless as it may sound. Comparing it with other models of airbrush makeup, this model still stands out as it is super breathable. As a water-based foundation, it is the lightest. It is a feature that makes many people get attracted as they enjoy the weightless feeling from this airbrush makeup.

The Airbrush

This Art of Air Airbrush kit gives you a professional service. It comes with a single-action gravity feed airbrush that has an internal mix and a 0.4-mm nozzle. The manufacturer has designed the airbrush to spray at an ultra-fine mist. That makes it easy to use and end-up with an even-looking complexion.

It has a lightweight mini compressor that enhances its working. The dial also allows you to fully control the pressure of the air of this airbrush makeup.

What makes this airbrush makeup model suitable is the low noise level in all its settings.

High Pigment

The airbrush has been designed with a specific formulation for a high impact color. As this makeup is water-based, it has coverage similar to what silicone and alcohol-based makeup posses. This brand also has the most repeated praises from people who have used it. It helps to cover blemishes that end up looking beautiful and no skin irritation is experienced.


You will easily get full coverage and even layers gradually with this makeup system. That is enabled by the fact that you have full control of the airbrush. The makeup also looks great after you apply for either full or sheer coverage. And there is no time the makeup will look caked.

If you have fine wrinkles, this makeup does not sink into the wrinkles as it is usually applied in thin layers. So, it will cover the blemishes, some acne, and the age spots perfectly.


This Art of Air Airbrush machine has a tiny and lightweight air compressor. That makes it useful especially when to travel with it. Some other airbrush systems come with heavier compressors. These models are cumbersome, but for this model it is lightweight and portable.


Refills are readily available from their website. After you have used up all your bottles, it is easy to get another set or a single item of a similar tone.


This Art of Air Airbrush system comes as a full kit. The kit includes an airbrush, compressor, and four shades of foundation. In the kit, there is a primer having anti-aging properties, a pearl shimmer highlighter, a tropical bronzer, a four-ounce airbrush cleaner, and a pink papaya blush.

All the items come packed inside a beautiful deluxe carry bag that keeps everything in a secure and easy to travel.


  • The makeup arrives as a full set
  • It offers full coverage
  • Easy to control airbrush’s pressure
  • Perfect for all skins including wrinkled
  • Free from silicone, oil and hypoallergenic
  • Arrives with a free carry bag
  • Easy to use
  • Readily available refills
  • Durable makeup that lasts longer
  • Highly recommended airbrush makeup kit
  • Ultralight
  • Cost-effective
  • Several instructions on YouTube


  • Hard to clean the airbrush
  • The set is not for dark skin tones
  • Shorter warranty period compared to its rivals
  • Made of cheap materials
  • It has no replacement of broken parts and one forced to get a new unit


Art of Air Airbrush makeup system is a machine that comes equipped with a decent range of foundations. The makeup system is also easy to use by a beginner. It is also incredibly affordable. However, it does lack the sturdiness in other expensive airbrush makeup systems.

The makeup is also long-lasting and will give you a flawless and natural look. That makes this Art of Air Professional Airbrush Makeup system to be a perfect match for all with lighter skin tone. The contents that come with this kit are four and includes a bronzer, blush, primer, and highlighter.

This makeup system is recommended for use by all including the beginners as it is easy to use. It lacks silicone and oil in it, therefore, making this makeup hypoallergenic.

It doesn’t matter where you want to use this airbrush makeup system, either working professional or at home. It has a mini-airbrush compressor that is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and quiet.

It is a powerful system that provides you with numerous useful features expected from the best airbrush makeup system.

The hose arrives as 6-feet long, and that is enough for use at professional makeup artists as it can easily move around. Although, it has an airbrush application gun that is only suitable for use on yourself.

This airbrush makeup system gives you an extraordinary thin mist. Therefore, that helps to make contouring exceptionally easy. That will, therefore, give you a subtle glow with a natural-looking. In the kit, there are four different foundations, and these combine perfectly to give the perfect skin match.

In the kit, it includes a highlighter to give perfect contouring, blush as well as 6 different foundation bottles. The airbrush cleaner enhances cleanup and only requires a few minutes.

Lastly, all the contents come packed in a neat and beautiful carrying bag. This bag will ensure all the pieces sit nicely inside to stay together and for ease to travel.

Art of Air Airbrush Makeup System Against Other Airbrush Makeup System

I did compare this Art of Air Airbrush Makeup with other airbrush makeup systems. If compared with the Hubest Airbrush system, there is nothing similar between these two airbrush makeup systems. Besides, both are of good quality.

If you’re a starter, getting Hubest Airbrush System is not worth it, as it is below average. There are some negative issues behind Hubest airbrush system as it is less durable and leakages.  Furthermore, this makeup system does not include any makeup to use.

When you buy, you only get the airbrush system with a three-level pressure. So, you will need to buy additional makeup which increases your expenditure.

The other model I did compare with this makeup system is Photo Finish Airbrush System.

Comparing the two, I discovered Art of Air Kit comes with numerous things you won’t find with other systems.

That is why, when compared with other counterparts such as Belloccio Professional Airbrush kit or Delux Dinair Makeup Kit, there is nothing you will find outweighing this Art of Air Airbrush makeup system.

In fact, this makeup system has also sold almost twice the number of kits on Amazon compared to a combination of Belloccio and Dinair. Therefore, this Art of Air Airbrush remains the best. Don’t hesitate to look further into a new airbrush makeup system. It should be your first priority to consider!

The Final Verdict – is Art of Airbrush worth it?

The art of the Air Professional Airbrush makeup system is undoubtedly a perfect makeup system in the market. It gives you perfect and flawless coverage. However, the makeup is only for lighter skin tones but suitable for use regularly. Getting the airbrush makeup means you’re making a great choice for the value of your money.

Besides, it is a suitable choice for a novice user. From the excellent price, the makeup system gives you a range of shades that are good. It is only such a few airbrush systems you can get that are worth your money.

Although it is not made from great materials, it is perfect for personal use purpose. It should also give you an extended time like the expensive models. But to get a long time service, take care of the machine, and keep it clean always.

As I sign off, thank you for reading this article. If you find this article useful, share it with your friends. And in case you have a question, shoot it!