Art of Air Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup Compressor Kit Review
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  • Post published:June 1, 2020

Women (and more and more men) across the globe vigorously look for better ways to apply makeup which looks more natural and lasts for longer. There are a plethora of online makeup tutorials which all claim to tell you this or that makeup is the best. In this article, we obviously will focus on airbrush makeup, and in particular, an airbrush compressor kit which we personally believe is worth the money. Let’s see why is that so by going into the nitty-gritty details!


Even though this product is mostly being used by professional makeup artists, it is becoming more accessible and searched by the common everyday makeup user such as you and me, due to the better pricing as well as how to apply it properly. After all, it turns out it isn’t that hard!

Let’s start our honest review of the Art Of Air airbrush cosmetic makeup compressor kit.

What is included in the Art of Airbrush Kit

Art Of Air airbrush kit has the whole package for makeup lovers. It is not just a machine that you get but also a plethora of tools to help you to complete your look. That saves you the hassle of needing to buy all the makeup products that are required for a complete makeup look. Here is what you get with the kit:

  • Airbrush Compressor: It is called the Super Quiet Mini Airbrush Compressor. As the name suggests, it makes the minimum noise and also provides different settings to control the air pressure. You can set the nob from low to high according to your current needs.
  • Hose: It is a 6-foot push on rubber airbrush hose that connects the airbrush with the compressor. It comes with a pretty decent length of 3 meters that makes the usage of airbrush easier.
  • Airbrush/gun: The airbrush has a 0.4mm tip perfect for applying a thin layer of makeup. It also has a 1/16 oz cup that is enough for applying makeup fully once, then clean it and prepare for next time.
  • Foundation set: The Art of Air airbrush kit contains a total of six shades of foundation that match fair skin tones. All of them are water-based foundations. They also have other shades that can match medium to tan skin tones. These two kits contain 4 foundation shades.
  • Primer: The cool thing about the primer that you get with this airbrush set is that it’s an anti-aging primer. It can be used before or after the makeup.
  • Bronzer: They call it a ‘tropical bronzer‘. It can be used to define the cheekbones and jaw lines. It also claims to provide a healthy radiant glow.
  • Blush: You get a single shade of blush that is called papaya blush. It looks good on fair to medium skin tones.
  • Highlighter: They have named a ‘pearl shimmer highlighter‘. It is not so chunky and gives a healthy shine to the skin. It can be used to highlight cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and brow bones.
  • Airbrush Cleaner: It is a 4oz bottle that is complimentary with the kit. It is suggested to clean the airbrush after every use.
  • Delux Bag: It is a good quality bag to pack the whole kit in.

The above products complete the Art of air airbrush cosmetic makeup compressor kit. The manufacturer has maintained good quality for all the products. They are safe for users as well.

Art of Air airbrush cosmetic makeup compressor kit functionality

This airbrush makeup kit is very easy to work with. Here is the process to use the kit:

  1. Use the hose to connect the compressor with the airbrush/gun.
  2. Fill a few drops of the makeup product you need to use in the airbrush cup.
  3. Set the compressor on low to high pressure according to your need.
  4. Keep the Airbrush 6 to 8 inches away from the face and press the trigger backward to spray the makeup.
  5. Move the airbrush in circular motions to get even coverage and keep your hand moving so you do not get a patchy layer of makeup.
  6. Clean the airbrush when you are shifting to another product. Else, you can get mixed shades of two different products. You can use water to clean the airbrush cup.
  7. To clean the cup, put some drops of cleaner or water in the cup and spray on a tissue till the cup is empty. Also, clean the airbrush after using or it will get chocked.

Note: You can mix different foundation shade to match your skin color. To mix, add two different foundations in the cup. Block the needle of the airbrush with your finger or tissue and pull the trigger just the way you did to spray. You will see the bubbles in the cup that means both the shade are mixing well. Check the shade on the tissue and use it if the color is right for your skin tone.

Can you use the Art Of Air airbrush at home?

Definitely, there is no rule or restriction about who can use the Art Of Air airbrush makeup kit. Anyone interested in using airbrush makeup can use the Art of Air airbrush. A professional makeup artist, a beauty vlogger, and any makeup lover can use this airbrush. The Art Of Air has kept the process easy whether it is to set it up or to apply airbrush foundation. Any beginner can use it easily.

The airbrush works quickly and takes lesser time than traditional makeup. There is no need to use beauty blenders or brushes to set the makeup when you can use an airbrush. Also, it feels weightless on the skin that makes you feel so comfortable. You can use it for your everyday makeup as it does not layer-up on the face and gives a natural finish.

Pros and Cons of Art Of Air airbrush cosmetic makeup compressor kit

The use of airbrush is becoming more and more common due to the cheaper kits and more how to information online. Especially professional makeup artists are using it for brides and other clients, because it is perfect for warm or humid weather. Here are our pros and cons for the Art of Air airbrush system which will help you to decide whether to go for it or not:


  • A good product especially for professional makeup artists to keep the process quick and easy.
  • It provides an even and flawless application that looks very natural.
  • Available at Amazon for global delivery. People can order it from anywhere around the world. You can check it out at Amazon.
  • One kit solves all your makeup requirements like the primer, foundation, blush, bronzer, and highlighter.
  • It applies a very thin layer of makeup that does not deeply penetrate the skin. It will not harm the texture of your skin.
  • Gives a long-lasting and transfer-proof makeup.
  • Suitable for everyday use.
  • Available for all the skin color. You need to pick the correct foundation color section according to your skin tone.


  • It may take time to get used to it. Using an airbrush can be difficult for the first few trials, so keep practicing!
  • A bit more expensive product as compared to traditional makeup.
  • Foundation comes with the kit, is water-based that gives a matte finish. People with dry skin can find it very drying on their skin.
  • The needle can be easily choked if not clean after the previous use.
  • Delicate piece to work with, so treat it gently.

Comparison with traditional makeup

Here is a quick comparison of the Art of Air airbrush makeup kit with traditional makeup. This comparison will make it easy for you to decide whether to go with the airbrush makeup or the traditional makeup:

Cost comparison:

Art Of Air Airbrush makeup kit at first may seems more expensive than the regular makeup products. However, when compared to high-end makeup brands it is the same price range. When you go for the traditional makeup, you need to buy all the makeup products separately like the foundation, blush, and bronzer. But, when you pay for the Art of Air you get all the required makeup products in the kit from primer to highlighter.


Art Of Air airbrush makeup comes with water-based foundations. Sometimes, it does not suit people with dry skin. Foundation looks flaky and caky on their skin which makes them feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, traditional makeup has many variants for dry skin people. There are different types of foundations available in traditional makeup that can suit the dry skin people beautifully.


Makeup done by the Art of Air airbrush stays for long. There is no need for makeup fixers or fixing powder to make it durable. It is best for people who need to wear makeup for a long time without a touch-up. While traditional makeup needs to be taken extra care to make it work in the long run. Some high-end brands offer long-lasting makeup but that can be expensive than the Art of Air airbrush kit.

Time consumption:

Art of Air airbrush cosmetic makeup compressor kit provides a quick application. Initially, it may take time as you will be new with the machine. But, as you get used to it you will be quicker with the makeup. Comparatively, traditional makeup needs a lot of blending which is time-consuming. Each makeup product needs to be blended and set well before applying the next product.

DIY things you can do with Art Of Air airbrush makeup to make it easier and cheaper to use

  • Running out of foundation?

If you are running out of your airbrush foundation you can still make it work. You can use your regular liquid foundation to spray with the airbrush. However, do this only for emergencies. Do not use liquid foundations with the airbrush on a regular basis or it may harm the machine.

  • Complete your eye makeup with airbrush

Art of Air airbrush makeup can also help you to do eye makeup. You can use bronzer shade for your crease and blush for the eyelid. It looks natural and goes with any outfit. You can follow this technique if you are running out of time. However, applying an airbrush on your eyes requires you to be well used to using your machine, so practice first.

  • Get temporary highlights

When you get a party invitation on short notice and you can’t visit a salon to fix your hair, use your airbrush. The Art Of Air airbrush makeup kit can help you to highlight your hair. For fancy highlights use the bush color and for darker highlights, you can use a dark color foundation or bronzer.

  • Conceal permanent marks

You can use the airbrush to conceal any dark spot on your body or any tattoo. Art Of Air provides good quality makeup products that provide full-coverage. They are also long-lasting so you can hide the tattoo for an entire day until you remove the makeup.

You are free to do your own creative experiments once you get your Art Of air airbrush cosmetic makeup compressor kit. All the makeup products that come with the kit are safe for the skin.

Art Of Air airbrush cosmetic makeup compressor kit reliability

Art Of Air has used good quality materials for this kit. Whether it is the compressor or the hose or the airbrush, everything looks sturdy and high-quality. They have also kept the functionality easy for the users so everyone can use it from professional makeup artists to homemakers. Their makeup products are also good and suit all skin types. You just need a few drops to cover the face. So, it is also a pocket-friendly deal as you will not need to buy the products every now and then unless you are a makeup artist and use it heavily. It is a good purchase if you are planning to invest in an airbrush kit.

Conclusion and takeaway: Overall Art Of Air airbrush compressor kit is a nice product. It makes the whole makeup process easy. A good kit for professionals as well as beginners. It is easy to operate and clean the machine. There is no practical training needed to use the machine. Following the user guide, anyone can use this airbrush kit effortlessly.

Note for readers: This Art Of Air airbrush cosmetic makeup compressor kit review is for our readers to help them decide whether to go for it or not. This is an honest review based on usage and personal experience. Make sure you share this with your loved ones as well. Let us know your thoughts. You can also write to us if you have any queries about the Art Of Air airbrush cosmetic makeup compressor kit.