Airbrush Makeup vs Regular Makeup – Which one is better 
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  • Post published:June 4, 2020

There has been a big debate going on about what type of makeup is better. Traditional makeup has been there for ages and is still preferred by most people. However, airbrush makeup is nowadays becoming a more and more popular choice as it is now affordable to the normal, everyday makeup user like you and me. Back in the day, it was only used by professional makeup artists, in movies and body paint.

So in this article, you’ll be given a brief introduction of what are the differences between those two types of makeup, pointing out the good and the bad sides of both. Let’s begin!

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is ranked among the best makeup techniques methods because it provides a perfect and flawless finish to the skin. It has overwhelmed the beauty world since it was first introduced and now it is not only being used by professionals but also by ordinary people. Many people think airbrush makeup is a very easy and effective way of applying makeup. Also, they find airbrush makeup more time-saving as compared to traditional makeup, that is, when you had enough practice using your airbrush system. But some people think that airbrush makeup is not made for everyday use. They think that applying airbrush makeup on a daily basis isn’t suitable for the skin.

Airbrush makeup is applied with an airbrush gun and a makeup air compressor. Some airbrush foundations are water-based while some are silicon-based. The foundation of the airbrush makeup is very thin as compared to traditional makeup. The airbrush makeup is applied to the skin in thin layers. This gives an even and smooth finish to the skin when applied appropriately. Since the spray of the airbrush is finely misted, it gives your skin a perfect finish that levels out the skin tone without overloading the skin. You can buy airbrush makeup on Amazon. The price typically ranges from $80 to $150.

Pros and Cons of Airbrush Makeup:


Most importantly, airbrush makeup lasts all day long. It does not fade like traditional makeup.

This is because airbrush makeup is silicon-based and it is more water-resistant than the traditional makeup. Therefore, the makeup won’t be removed until you remove it with a silicone-based makeup remover. This feature of airbrush makeup makes it a very popular choice for weddings during the summer or events in humid or hot weather.

Here is my list of why I’d choose airbrush makeup over traditional makeup:

  • Airbrush makeup has a more flawless and perfect finish as compared to traditional makeup.
  • It is basically less product for maximum coverage on the skin. This is because the makeup is sprayed evenly on the skin.
  • If you want a natural look with light makeup, airbrush makeup is better as it sprays a thin layer of makeup on your skin, preventing your makeup to look heavy.
  • Airbrush makeup helps the makeup to blend more easily and provides a more natural look.
  • This is a better option for people who have oily skin.
  • You can apply more layers of airbrush makeup due to its very thin application, it won’t look cakey as traditional makeup does after you apply a few sets of makeup.
  • Airbrush makeup takes less time in the application.

In which cases I wouldn’t recommend airbrush makeup

  • The airbrush makeup can look flaky and less creamy if it is used on dry skin.
  • Airbrush makeup is much more expensive as compared to traditional makeup.
  • It is difficult to re-blend once the makeup has dried up.
  • The shade options are limited, so that’s why airbrush makeup is not available for all skin tones.
  • Not everyone can apply makeup using an airbrush, as it requires technique. Also, you have to keep in mind many things while applying i.e the pressure of the airbrush and distance of the airbrush from your skin.
  • Airbrush makeup does not give full coverage as traditional makeup does.
  • Airbrush makeup is too thin to hide the acne and marks on your skin. So for people with bad skin, airbrush makeup is not the solution for you.

Traditional Makeup, is it still good?

Traditional makeup is the makeup you do with liquids, fluids, creams, and foundation (powdered or liquid) that are applied using different tools such as makeup brushes, sponges, fingers, you name it.

Traditional makeup is mostly preferred all around the world due to its wide availability, cheap prices and long history. Aairbrush makeup was introduced in the 1930s, while traditional makeup dates from ancient Egypt and Greece. There is a variety of products in traditional makeup such as foundations, eyeliners, lipstick, base, the list is endless. All of these are applied on the face using sponges and brushes and the makeup is blended using fingers. Traditional makeup is much thicker and heavier as compared to airbrush makeup.

The application of traditional makeup consumes more time as compared to airbrush makeup. But many people still prefer using traditional makeup, as it does not have limited options and can be applied to all skin tones and skin types. Also, traditional makeup can be used to give light as well as full coverage to the skin. The application method of traditional makeup is way simpler and easier than airbrush makeup. This is

because airbrush makeup requires a technique for its application and you have to keep in mind various factors while applying airbrush makeup. Traditional makeup can be bought on Amazon at very cheap rates.

Pros and Cons of Traditional (Regular) Makeup:


Traditional makeup is cheaper than airbrush makeup. It does not require an entire makeup kit and system, in fact, all you need are some affordable and easy-to-apply products such as base, foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, and some brushes.

  • The application method of traditional makeup is easier as compared to airbrush makeup. Traditional makeup comes in a wide variety of shades that match your skin tone. To apply thick foundation, brushes are used, whereas for lighter applications, your fingertips can be used to blend the makeup.


  • Traditional makeup feels heavy on the skin. Due to the thicker consistency of the foundation, it can give your skin a cakey look.
  • It is difficult to cover scars and pimple marks using traditional makeup. The traditional makeup does not instantly hide your face marks and acne, and if the excess powder is applied to the acne or marks, it becomes too obvious and attracts the attention of people.
  • Traditional makeup requires regular touch-ups. Due to the reason that most of the traditional makeup is not waterproof, it may come off with a slight rub. The makeup may also smudge, requiring you to give the makeup occasional touch-ups to maintain your gorgeous look.
  • The tools used in traditional makeup can lead to skin infections. The sponges and brushes used while applying makeup can cause bacteria buildup if proper hygiene is not maintained.

Is traditional makeup better than airbrush makeup?

If you know the basics of makeup, then making the best choice of makeup to use becomes much easier. Traditional makeup and airbrush makeup both have a lot of challenges during the application. But the decision depends on your personal preferences.

  • Airbrush makeup can be used to cover the marks and scars on your skin, but it cannot hide them. Traditional makeup, however, provides complete coverage to the skin and helps to hide the unwanted marks and scars.
  • Both traditional makeup and airbrush makeup can last for a decent amount of time, yet airbrush makeup wins the race, especially in hot, humid days. Airbrush makeup can last for up to 15 hours whereas traditional makeup lasts on the skin for up to 10 hours. But if primers and setting powders are used, the makeup can last as long as airbrush makeup in the best case scenario.
  • Traditional makeup has more color options as compared to airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup has limited color options and so is not made for all types of skin tones.
  • Airbrush makeup is better when applied on hydrated and oily skin. However, if airbrush makeup is applied on dry skin, it looks flaky and cakey. Therefore people with dry skin should opt for traditional makeup.
  • Airbrush makeup is quite expensive as compared to traditional makeup. Therefore, only the people who have the budget to do airbrush makeup should go for it. So keeping these points in view, both traditional makeup and airbrush makeup is good. But it depends on your personal needs and preferences which one you want to apply.

Summary and conclusion

Both traditional and airbrush makeup have their spot in the makeup universe. Airbrush makeup is indeed a very time-saving way of applying makeup. It gives your skin a flawless and seamless finish. But even though airbrush makeup has so many benefits, I recommend everyone still start with traditional makeup, as it is a cheaper way to learn the basics. Airbrush makeup is quite expensive and not everyone can afford it. Moreover, it has limited shade options, so not everyone can use it as it’s not made for all types of skin tones. Traditional makeup has unlimited shade options and is applicable to all types of skin tones. Also, it’s quite affordable, so you don’t have to worry about the price. Airbrush makeup requires a lot of technique for its application, which, to me, can be both fun or frustrating. Therefore, my advice to you is to use traditional makeup as the application method is also quite simple and easy. I’m not telling you not to apply airbrush makeup at all though. You can opt for airbrush makeup if you have a special event or on your wedding day, as it lasts for a very long time, looks great on photos and has a natural look. But for everyday use, I advise you to go for traditional makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions About Airbrush vs Regular Makeup

What are the benefits of airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup gives you flawless coverage by minimizing the imperfections of your skin while giving your skin a beautifully natural finish. It is water-resistant and usually lasts up to 15 hours.

Do you use powder after airbrush makeup?

Yes, after applying airbrush foundation, you should set it with setting powder. This will make any powder product you use after that blend perfectly and beautifully.

How can I prevent my makeup from getting ruined by my oily skin?

If your skin is oily and you have applied makeup, use a blotting paper or a tissue paper, and dab it lightly on your face. This way, the oily texture of your skin won’t ruin your makeup.

Does airbrush makeup look cakey?

Airbrush makeup is minimum product for maximum coverage. Because of the spray application, a minimal amount of makeup goes a long way. So with an airbrush, the makeup does not look cakey as it does with traditional makeup.

Is airbrush makeup good for wrinkles?

If you have small wrinkles on your face, airbrush makeup can be used to cover them beautifully. But for anyone who has large wrinkles or pores, airbrush makeup is a bad option as the makeup will sink into the pore or wrinkles, rather than sitting on top of them.

Does airbrush makeup sweat off?

Silicon-based airbrush makeup is water-resistant and sweat-proof. Therefore, it is great for humid conditions. If it is applied well, then you won’t even have to give any touch-ups.

How much does an airbrush cost?

Most airbrushes cost from around $80 to $150. The price difference is mainly due to the difference in quality.

Is airbrush makeup good for older skin?

If you are old but have healthy skin and only fine lines, you will get good results using airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup will not disappear deep wrinkles or make them go away. If you have deep wrinkles, the makeup will actually rest in the deep wrinkles and make them even more obvious instead of covering them.

How is airbrush makeup done?

Airbrush makeup is makeup sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. The airbrush ‘sprays’ makeup on the skin, due to which less makeup is used and more coverage is given.

Does airbrush makeup last longer than traditional makeup?

Airbrush makeup lasts about 6 to 10 hours longer than traditional makeup.

Is airbrush makeup worth the money?

According to many experts, yes, airbrush makeup is worth the cost because it is beautiful for weddings and is buildable. Also, it is quite time-saving as compared to traditional makeup which is very time-consuming.

Does airbrush makeup clog pores?

If your skin is oily or sensitive, airbrush makeup is the best option for you, as it is light-weight and won’t clog your pores as traditional makeup does.

Does airbrush makeup look natural?

Airbrush makeup feels much lighter as compared to traditional makeup. “Although some people think that airbrush makeup would be cakey, it’s actually the exact opposite. Airbrush makeup allows the natural hues in your skin to radiate through the makeup allowing it to look very natural.”

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