Does Airbrush Makeup Cover Wrinkles?
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  • Post published:June 3, 2020

Aging is an unavoidable truth of life. With aging comes many problems, one such common problem is to see it’s effects on your face. Yes, you guessed it right I am talking about the wrinkles that come on your face when you enter your mid-30s. Though no one likes them they are the harsh reality of life that everyone has to face at a certain point of time. But do you know these can be easily hidden with the help of Airbrush makeup?

So what exactly is airbrush makeup?

It is a method of applying makeup without the use of sponges, finger brushes or other methods. This method comprises an airbrush machine that spreads the cosmetic onto the person’s face.

This machine has a powerful compressor along with a hose and a triggering gun. The pressure of the machine is adjusted depending on the user’s preference. Usually, the machine used at home is small as compared to the one used by professional makeup artists.

Does airbrush makeup cover wrinkles?

The success of your wrinkles getting covered depends on two basic things:-

  1. The stage in which the wrinkles are.
  2. The skills of the person.

If the wrinkles are at an initial stage then it can be easily covered with the help of the airbrush makeup kit. But if in case the wrinkles have turned old then it gets deep and this requires more skill. If you are good at it then you can easily get the desired results. But if you are a beginner there’s always a scope for improvement. Because mastering the airbrush makeup isn’t a year’s process, just a few trials and you will start getting the best of results.

The main feature of the airbrush makeup kit is its convenience and easy to use the facility. Though there are certain questions that every user faces before buying the airbrush makeup kit. I would like to answer a few of them so that you can easily buy this product without any doubts.

Is an airbrush makeup kit worth it?

The airbrush makeup kit won’t be the cheapest option for your wrinkles but it indeed is the best option. These are a bit costly but the quality of these kits has been taken care off. These kits last for years and they are a total value for your money. You will just have to refill the color

Which airbrush makeup system do we recommend?

Here are my top 5 best airbrush makeup systems that have been tried by many different users from various countries.

  1. Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup PRO Starter Kit- This airbrush is the perfect makeup solution for beginners. The kit comprises of a water-based foundation with no silicon added in it. With a brand warranty of 1 year, this is surely a steal deal.
  2. Tickled pink airbrush kit- Another great makeup option is the tickled pink airbrush kit. The foundation has 89% of the water in it with no silicon. The brand gives a warranty of 2 years with free lifetime maintenance and support for the airbrush gun.
  3. Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System– Another great option for a beginner as well as for professional use. It comes with one full year of warranty.
  4. Luminess Air basic system– This airbrush makeup kit is known for its approval by dermatologists. It goes easy on the skin and allows the skin to breathe without sacrificing coverage.
  5. Belloccio Professional Beauty Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System– This airbrush comes with the perfect value for money. This is the most liked product on amazon and it comes with 4 colours medium shade foundation.

Is airbrush makeup safe to use?

The airbrush makeup is the safest option to enhance your look. It does no harm to your skin as most of these products are organic or water-based.

What are the benefits of airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup kits provide the best look by minimizing skin imperfections and also without the need to visit costly beauty parlors. Apart from that, it is also waterproof and people have tested that it lasts for at least 15 hours on their skin.

Is airbrush makeup good for everyday use?

Taking out the whole system and applying makeup daily would be a tough task for anyone. Therefore these airbrush kits are used only during special occasions. Though there is no harm in using them daily if you are fine investing your time in it.

Does airbrush makeup look natural?

Airbrush makeup is much lighter on the skin than the traditional makeup done during weddings. Although there is a common misconception that airbrush makeup would look unnatural and cakey but it actually is opposite because it allows the natural shade of your skin to glow through the makeup allowing it to look very natural.

Does airbrush makeup look cakey?

Applying makeup is an art. Usually, the airbrush makeup needs to be applied carefully with continuous rotation while spraying otherwise you will end up making it cakey. So if you know how to apply airbrush makeup then it won’t look cakey on your face. In Fact, it looks more natural than the traditional makeup.

Is airbrush makeup better than the traditional makeup?

Surprisingly the airbrush makeup is better and long-lasting than the traditional wedding makeup. Most of the airbrush makeup is made up of silicon which is water-resistant and has more holding capacity than the water-based foundations used in the traditional makeup method. Therefore this makeup can withstand the hugging and kissing that usually happens on your wedding day.

Which airbrush gun should I choose – single action or dual action?

The dual-action airbrush gun has an advantage over the single action. The dual-action has two settings for the trigger – “air only” and “makeup”. These two modes give you more scope for perfect makeup. The “air only” setting helps you find the direction of airflow so that you know the area of impact while using the “makeup” mode.

Can I use traditional makeup in the airbrush makeup system?

No, the traditional makeup system is much more viscous than the airbrush system. The traditional makeup will block the airflow from the gun by clogging it. Therefore it’s always preferable to use the shades in the airbrush gun that is provided by the company.

My airbrush gun is clean but I am not getting proper flow?

If the airbrush gun is clean then the problem might be with the makeup shades. Remember to shake the makeup well, before putting it inside the cup.

How to apply airbrush makeup?

To get into the steps involved in applying the airbrush makeup kit we should first know the different types of makeup kit available. The airbrush makeup system can be broadly categorised into three, based on the contents available in it.

  1. Alcohol-based
  2. Water-based
  3. Silicon-based

Alcohol-based airbrush makeup kit – Out of all the three, this has the maximum staying power. This makeup could easily last on your skin for 5 days. But the demerit of using this makeup is that it has 99% alcohol in it and hence it can’t be used on a regular basis.

Water-based airbrush makeup kit – This is the safest makeup kit among the three. This kit is usually preferred by people who work under bright lights where their skin can’t afford to shine. This kit also keeps the skin moist as it has water in it.

Silicon-based airbrush makeup kit – The silicon-based color tends to deepen the shade with time therefore it’s always preferable to choose a light shade when in doubt. This makeup kit looks more natural on the skin.

Steps for perfect airbrush makeup at home:

  • Selecting makeup shade- The first step is to choose the perfect makeup shade that matches your skin. The airbrush makeup kit comes in a wide array of shades. You can even try mixing 2-3 shades to get your perfect match.
  • Applying airbrush makeup- After you are done with choosing the perfect shade for your skin the next and the most important step that comes, is applying the airbrush makeup. It can take 3-4 chances to get used to the airbrush as applying makeup using airbrush requires precision. Hold the airgun 15-20 cms away from your face. If you want a lighter and more natural look then hold it far from the face but if you want more coverage then you will have to hold it closer to your face. Move the airgun in a gentle circular motion and spray it uniformly on your face. These circular motions are key to perfect makeup. If you stop moving your hand for too long then you might end up with patches of caked up makeup.
  • The final touch-  We are now done with the most important step which includes applying the makeup by spraying it on your face. Now we are left only with a small step which includes the final touch up. The last and the final step includes simply applying the airbrush blush on the cheeks. This gives a nice pink shade to your cheeks.

Things to keep in mind while using airbrush makeup

  1. It’s always better to read the user manuals or to watch the CD provided by the company as this makeup is far more different than the conventional makeup.
  2. You can also apply layers of the airbrush makeup unlike the conventional makeup but you need to ensure that the first layer has dried up before putting another layer.
  3. The mistakes in airbrush makeup cannot be corrected as easily as the traditional makeup. So try using little bits of makeup so that you don’t get it wrong. Also, I would suggest you to practice it on a  piece of paper before drawing it on your face. This way your hands will get used to it.
  4. Try experimenting with the shades. You would be astonished to see different types of shades that you can make by mixing two or more shades.
  5. The best distance for effective makeup is around 15-20 cms.
  6. The pressure of the gun controls how far the makeup reaches. So the larger the pressure, the more will be the surface area covered, and the lesser the pressure the less will be the surface area covered.
  7. Consult a makeup professional if you are stuck somewhere.
  8. Lastly, don’t stress too much it’s just makeup and you always have the scope of re-applying it and improving your skills, if it goes wrong in the first place.

So considering all these things we can conclude that it’s always better to do some research as to which airbrush makeup kit (alcohol-based, water-based, silicon-based) would be suitable for you, depending on your skin type and then buy the perfect one. Usually, the water-based airbrush makeup kit is preferred by all, as it doesn’t cause any harm to anyone’s skin type and apart from that it also keeps the skin hydrated.

I hope this post clears all your doubts regarding choosing the perfect airbrush makeup kit and getting that beautiful look just at your home without spending dollars in a beauty salon.

I would like to thank all of you for reading this post. If I missed out onto something or if you have any other doubts I would be very happy to answer them all. So you can comment your questions in the comment section below. Do share it with your family and friends to make their decision easy in choosing the perfect airbrush system.

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