Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding [Expert Guide and FAQ]
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  • Post published:June 2, 2020

The most important question, is airbrush makeup worth the effort?

With regards to your wedding, you need the most durable and natural makeup — regardless of how enormous or little your special event will be. No matter if you will have a large gathering of friends and family with fireworks and special cuisine and DJs, or a small and cozy gathering at home with the closest friends and relatives, the way you will look matters always.

Airbrush makeup can withstand humid weather (as well as your happy tears!) and gives a more natural look, but we’ll talk about the pros and cons of airbrush in more detail in just a bit.

What is airbrush makeup, you might ask

As the name suggests, airbrush makeup is the application of makeup using an air compressor and with the help of a little hose which provides more even layering of the makeup with the use of much less foundation. There are a few types of airbrush foundations, and there are airbrush foundations that suit every skin tone.

Let’s solve this once and for all:

Which is better, airbrush or traditional makeup for your wedding?

Depending on the setting and budget, these two rival makeup choices can be used.

For example, airbrush makeup is more expensive and harder to master applying it, so in my opinion, it is not that suitable to apply yourself, unless you are completely confident in your skill. I would choose investing the finances and time into airbrush makeup as it will give you a more professionally-made look and the makeup will last longer, especially if the weather is hot or the location has high humidity

At the end of the day, the choice is yours, depending on how comfortable you are with using your airbrush makeup system and how good you are at applying it yourself. If I may add, after some practice, everyone can master airbrush makeup application, I say that from personal experience.

On the other hand, the cheaper and easier to apply traditional makeup has its advantages as well. Sometimes you want to achieve a certain shade or contrast only traditional brushes and foundations can create. Also, using traditional makeup, sponges and brushes, is completely fine in cold and medium temperatures. So, if you feel more confident with traditional makeup, go for it!

More reasons to choose airbrush makeup for your wedding

When you’ve used airbrush makeup for some time and you feel comfortable using it, it will actually save you time and money in the long run, as it requires very little foundation, just a few drops, and creating a habit out of applying it will save you time as well. The only thing that always takes time is keeping your airbrush stylus, needle and foundation compartment clean after every use. That would ensure you can use your kit for a long time.

Another difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup is the use of brushes and sponges and other tools when applying traditional makeup, as well as different layers of makeup which makes it more complicated the more you get into it. But if makeup is your hobby, that complexity can actually make it fun.

Applying airbrush makeup usually takes from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on what you want to achieve and how experienced you are applying it.

Applying wedding makeup with an airbrush ofcourse takes longer, and I highly advise you leave that to a professional.

Can last a day or even more

The wedding day is long, it can even last more than 24 hours. So having makeup that lasts can save you a lot of hassle doing constant touch-ups or unwanted surprises.

Waterproof and 100% smudge-resistant

Those two features of airbrush makeup make a lot of brides choose it over standard makeup.

Natural look and photos

Airbrush makeup looks more natural and doesn’t create unwanted shining or glossiness in your photos. You can relax and enjoy the day, knowing you will look your best self.

Airbrush makeup feels light

The amount of makeup being so low lets you forget you’re even wearing any. Caring for one thing less means a lot during this emotional day filled with excitement.\

What are the cons of choosing airbrush makeup for your wedding day

Believe it or not, airbrush makeup isn’t the perfect makeup, there are no perfect makeups after all. Let’s explore the negative sides of using airbrush makeup.

The price is high

Yes, I mentioned above that it can be cheap in the long run, however, compared to traditional makeup for just one occasion, airbrush can be pricey, especially if you need to get a brand new makeup kit and foundation set for the wedding.

If that’s not the case and you already have an airbrush makeup system, you’re good to go!

Less choice of shades

Because of the type of foundation formula that is used in airbrush systems, the shade options are more limited. Unlike traditional makeup, which has so many options, the selection for airbrush makeup is constrained. This can be problematic for a bride who needs a particular shade to match her natural skin tone and color.

The tricks of the trade

Mastering airbrush makeup takes time, and even if you feel confident you can apply airbrush makeup very well, it is advisable to use a professional makeup artist for your special day to save time and extra nerves. Yes, it will cost more, but it is your best choice for a flawless look for the whole day!

Airbrush makeup can look flakey depending on your skin type

For well hydrated and oily skin, airbrush makeup is a great choice. However, if your skin type is dry, using airbrush makeup might give you that unwanted flakey effect. Make sure to contact your makeup professional and get their advice on what makeup to choose.

The type of airbrush makeup foundations, which one to choose

There are five different types of airbrush makeup foundations.

Alcohol-based foundation

This foundation is mostly used by professional body paint artists, It lasts very long, up to a few days. That is why it is also used for temporary tattoos. This foundation is not recommended for your wedding.

Water-based foundation

Dries fast and lasts long. What more do you need? This foundation type is your best choice for wedding airbrush makeup. The effect when using this foundation is matte.


This foundation has a ‘Photoshop’-like effect on the skin. It is made of combining polymer coloring and water.


This choice provides a softer appearance and a more natural look. Silicone-based foundations last longer and by adding a foundation additive, you can increase the choice of

This equation is known for enduring longer and blurring less. It is the sort for the most part utilized for makeup. It very well may be blended in with equation added substances to give a lighter inclusion. With this recipe, you will get a milder appearance and a characteristic composition.


This one is not a very common formula. It uses alcohol mostly.

Frequently asked questions about bridal airbrush makeup

How long does airbrush makeup last

Airbrush makeup can last for 12 hours or more. That’s in the case of silicone-based foundation. Alcohol-based lasts for days, while water-based lasts for less than 10 hours.

Is airbrush makeup safe to use

Many may ponder about the security of Airbrush makeup since it’s applied with a blower. Since the layer of foundation is so thin, Airbrush makeup is very safe and lets your skin breathe much better than traditional makeup.

Moreover, airbrush makeup is more sanitary, as nothing but the foundation touches your skin. No sponges, brushes, fingers, etc.


In case you choose to apply airbrush makeup yourself and skip the pricey makeup professional, here are a few tips to consider when applying.

Practice, practice, practice

Test out different shades, foundations, techniques of applying until you get the desired look.

Prepare your face for the foundation

Make sure you have scrubbed and thoroughly cleaned your face and applied moisturizer before beginning the airbrushing. After the moisturizer is fully absorbed, it is time to begin applying the foundation. Definitely skip the primer, as that would affect the time the airbrush foundation stays on your face.

Technique and precision

In order to achieve a balanced application, keep the airbrush gun at least 4 inches from your face, up to 10. That way you ensure the makeup won’t look blotchy.

Apply by moving your hand with a steady, circular motion. That way, there will be no unwanted edges and your face will look perfect.

Clean your airbrush

If you’re switching between foundations from light to dark or from matte to that shimmery effect, make sure to always clean your airbrush gun to avoid mixing the colors. If the cleaning solution provided in your airbrush makeup kit is finished, you can use warm water instead. Unplug your airbrush before cleaning it with water!

To sum up: is airbrush makeup better for a wedding?

Considering the facts that it is lighter, a lot more humidity resistant and more natural, it is safe to conclude that it is the better option for your wedding unless you have dry skin.

Moreover, if you are trying to save on every extra expense, airbrush makeup should be replaced by traditional, less expensive makeup.

Even if you’ve used airbrush makeup for a long time and are totally confident in your skill at applying it, I’d still recommend getting a professional makeup artist to do your wedding makeup, just to be sure it will look flawlessly. And you will have one less thing to worry about and more energy to enjoy your special day to the fullest.

That is it girls, feel free to