Airbrush Makeup – The Solution To Sweaty Summer Makeup Messes
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  • Post published:May 12, 2020

With the summer getting more intense by the day, it is time that we change our makeup techniques to get that perfect finished look throughout the day. If you are like me someone who likes to wear makeup on a daily basis, then you are definitely looking for a way to stop your makeup from melting down your face during the summer heat.

Imagine putting half an hour and more worth of effort into getting that perfect, natural-looking finish and watching it go down the drain before you even reach your destination. It is something we want to avoid going through.

So, the million-dollar question here is, what makeup technique and makeup should you use to maintain that flawless looking look in the scorching heat of the hot summer days?

You know it, it’s airbrush makeup!

Below, let’s discuss in detail the makeup technique that professional makeup artists and beauty gurus in the industry have been using to keep their makeup intact in the summers, and, luckily for us, it has become a lot cheaper and easily applied than the early days of airbrush makeup.

Airbrush Makeup For the Summer, Does it Work

When it comes to the problem of melting makeup, your foundation is what matters most. The creamy, rich texture of the foundation when mixed with sweat and oil-secreting from your pores, leaves behind a cake-like mix which settles in your creases and makes it look as if you have ten days’ worth of makeup loaded on your face.

You want to avoid that for sure! The solution is ‘airbrush makeup’ with a silicone-based foundation.

Makeup artists around the globe have been experimenting with airbrush makeup to get celebrities, supermodels, and brides ready for those special moments.

Using airbrush makeup means to leave your regular creamy foundation and tons of makeup brushes in the attic. Instead, you use a spray gun, a small hose, and a small air compressor to get flawless and retouched skin. Airbrush gives amazingly smooth control of the overflow of colors and shades. Why go through the struggle of evenly spreading your foundation using sponges and makeup brushes when you can spray it on your face and get a flawless foundation within seconds, with just a few drops, where you can fix any outline you don’t like with just one move of your wrist?

Airbrush Makeup To Beat The Summer Heat

Applying layers of powder in the heat of the summer compared to layering just a few drops of airbrush makeup means there is a lot more makeup on your face which will start melting after your face sweats and your skin gets oily. And we know that you can’t stick anything to an oily surface. Even if your skin doesn’t usually get oily, the extra heat of the summer will make your pores secrete more sweat and natural skin oil.

Not anymore, though! With the airbrush makeup technique, you can maintain that flawless, smooth, and sweat-free makeup look for up to 12 hours and more. The question is, how is that possible? Well, the trick is simple. As we already mentioned, the amount of makeup you put on your face compared to standard makeup is a lot less and it is silicone-based.

Airbrush makeup uses a thin textured foundation as compared to regular makeup. The spray used droplets of foundation, which sets on your skin as if it were a part of it. The formula used for creating the airbrush foundation is resistant to sweat, thus stays on for longer in the scorching heat and leave behind a flawless finish.

Types of Airbrush Makeup – Which One Is Best For You

Just like there are endless regular makeup products in the market; similarly, Airbrush makeup comes with different formulas as well to suit different skin types and meet your foundation needs. Before opting for airbrush makeup for summer, it is best to understand the differences.

Water-Based Airbrush Makeup

If you are looking for a matte finish, then water-based airbrush makeup should be your go-to choice. Do you experiment with makeup to create a matte finish? If yes, then this water-based airbrush is for you. It is perfect for brides looking to cover their blemishes to score perfect HD photos. A great example for water-based airbrush makeup is the Belloccio foundation set:

Silicon-Based Airbrush Makeup

If you are going with the everyday makeup look, then the silicon-based airbrush makeup is the go-to solution to all your summer days’ problems. The silicon used in the formula prevents the oils and sweat secreted from your skin to breakdown the makeup. It makes it impossible for it to reach with the cosmetic products on your skin – leaving behind an impeccably blended natural makeup look. Silicon-based airbrush foundation is the Temptu:

Alcohol-Based Airbrush Makeup

Alcohol-based airbrush makeup is known for two things; first, its impeccable full-coverage finish, and secondly, its longevity. As questionable as it sounds, it can stay on for up to five days and more. It is unquestionably known to stay true to its colors.  But it isn’t commonly used by daily makeup wearers due to the alcohol content in it. It is a foundation used mostly by professional body paint artists, so if you inspire to be one, this type of airbrush foundation is for you. It is also great to cover your tattoos or experiment different things. An amazing alcohol-based airbrush foundation set is the one from OPHIR:

A Healthy Note:

As a newbie, you will undoubtedly want to combine the different formulas to get the perfect finish. But let us tell you that it would be nothing less than a disaster –probably, even worse than having melted makeup on your face. The reason is that different formulas tend to dry out differently. So combining them will leave you with an uneven, multi-layered, kaleidoscope-looking finish.

Can you airbrush your own makeup?

Airbrush makeup for hot weather is the way to get flawless-looking skin even in the scorching heat. But many believe that they can’t pull it off on their own. But that is not true. You don’t need to be a professional to try out airbrush makeup. As a beginner, you might struggle to get the perfect finish, but experiment with it and in no time you will get the hang of it.

However, if you need wedding makeup for a humid climate, then we suggest that you opt for the professionals. Since you probably want to cover all your blemishes and get those HD pictures, you don’t want to mess up your makeup on your big day.

What are the benefits of Airbrush Makeup?

The reason why many professionals are going for airbrush makeup is that it has a ton of perks to offer. Although traditional makeup is excellent, it fails to provide the same benefits, especially in the summer. Here are a few advantages that according to the beauty gurus, airbrush makeup has to offer;

Last Longer

According to multiple makeup artists, airbrush makeup is used for red carpet looks and weddings because it can last for 6 to 10 hours more than standard makeup without breakdown. Stacie Ford, a New-York based artist, explains, “It’s an ultra-fine concentrated mist that absorbs directly into the skin—not merely sitting on top of it—giving it long durability. Overall it feels feather-light on the skin yet can withstand heat, humidity, tears, and sweat.”

Diverse and Flexible

Many believe that you can only use airbrush makeup for the foundation. But there is no truth behind that statement. Since it is commonly used for setting foundation thus has turned into a common belief. However, professionals suggest that there is no limit to airbrush makeup. You can use it for concealing, highlighting, blush, and even bronzing.

Light to Buildable Coverage

In terms of regular makeup, you need different foundations to get different types of coverage. That is not the case with airbrush makeup. You can use the same foundation and the airbrush to get light to full coverage. Since it is buildable, so you can cover your blemishes where required by applying extra to get the perfect HD coverage. If done right, it shouldn’t feel heavy or cakey. Instead would mimic your natural skin and give flawless coverage.

Photographs Beautifully

You ever wondered how these supermodels have flawless looking skin even with all flashlights and cameras pointed at them? Airbrush makeup is the secret behind it all. The sprayed foundation is applied evenly on the skin, giving it an impeccably smooth and sweat-resistant finish. It is thin-textured and creates a fine mist on the face, which is less recognizable on cameras as compared to the lines and streaks left behind by beauty blenders and makeup brushes.

How Long Can Airbrush Makeup Last In Summer?

The longevity of airbrush makeup for hot weather depends on your skin type and the type of airbrush makeup foundation used. Water-based airbrush makeup can last for up to 6 hours and more depending on your skin type. In contrast, silicon-based airbrush makeup (such as the one from Temptu, see image below) can last for 12 to 18 hours, and alcohol-based airbrush makeup can last for five days and more. However, just to note again, an alcohol-based airbrush is not healthy for your skin for daily use, so please don’t overuse that foundation.

No matter which type of airbrush makeup you go with, undoubtedly, it tends to stay true to its colors for 6 to 10 hours more than the traditional make even in the hot summer days. You will be amazed to experience a flawless look throughout the day, especially when working in the outdoors under the sweltering heat of the sun.

Will Airbrush Makeup Stay On For My Wedding During Summer?

Yes, airbrush makeup is the best option for wedding makeup for a humid climate. Your wedding day is going to be long and tiring. Plus, you will be dressed up in a huge wedding gown and will be getting tons of hugs and kisses. In such a case, you want to go with the makeup that is resistant to sweat, water, and wipes.

The solution to your problem is the silicon-based airbrush makeup. The silicon embedded foundation will create a fine natural mist which will be unbreakable by the constant sweating and tears. Unlike regular makeup, silicon prevents the sweat from amalgamating with the makeup content on your face, which gives you a long-lasting flawless coverage throughout the day.

Prepare For The Coming Summer Days

Airbrush makeup is the best makeup for the hot and humid summer days.  Whether you are looking for the perfect wedding makeup for the humid climate or you want flawless everyday makeup look – airbrush makeup should be your go-to choice. All you have to do is train how to use the airbrush compressor kit you have and apply different foundations until you find the right style for you.

Is Airbrush Makeup the Ultimate Solution For Summer?

In our honest opinion, you can’t use airbrush makeup only to get that flawless finish. Yes, airbrush makeup tends to stay on for longer as compared to traditional makeup and gives a better finish in a less amount of time, but at the same time, it isn’t enough. You undoubtedly need regular makeup products such as primer, concealer, and setting powder as well to start and complete your look for your eyes for example, unless you become so good ait using your airbrush that you can apply shades on your eyes, which is completely possible ofcourse.

Plus, according to the experts, airbrush makeup is best for hydrated skin only. Women with dry skin shouldn’t go with airbrush makeup as once applied; it would give a flaky look to your face. It is best if you use a regular foundation to cover acne and scarring first and then use airbrush makeup to give it a finer finish.

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide answers all the questions that you had in mind related to airbrush makeup.  Makeup artists, professionals, make gurus and everyday makeup wears – all are trying it out, so why shouldn’t you? Give it a test run and let us know how your perfect looking summer looks turned out!