Airbrush Makeup: Tips and Tricks for Beginner’s 
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  • Post published:June 7, 2020

The world has got so advanced that there is a new discovery every other day. In the makeup industry, airbrush use has been at the spotlight for a while now, as it is known to give that perfect, flawless, and radiating look everyone wants. But I am going to tell you that such flawless skin is something that you can avail just at your home. With little practice, you can do it by yourself with much ease and just like a pro. Let’s see some simple tips that you need to follow to become an expert in doing your own makeover using an airbrush with perfection.

Important Tips for Beginners

Here are some tips you must learn about the machine before you start using it.

Learn to hold the spray gun properly

The first and foremost tip is that you must try to hold the airbrush properly and correctly. Only with practice, you will be able to hold it and believe me when you learn to hold it properly; you have learned half of the skill needed to do your own airbrush makeup at home. You must find a grip on the airbrush at the right edge so that you can proceed further.

Get to know the Airbrush and its parts

While learning how to hold the airbrush, it is also good to learn the different components. Regardless of the different company’s certain variations, every airbrush has a more or less similar structure and shape. Airbrush usually comprises of three important parts;

  1. The compressor
  2. The hose
  3. The spray gun or the Airbrush gun

Properly read the manual given along with the product and try using the airbrush with the same technique.

Try using an unfilled airbrush

Try to practice with the airbrush several times without filling any makeup material in it. By doing this technique, you will get to know how to actually use the machine. If you fill it with water or any other neutral liquid, you will get used to the pressure of an airbrush on your makeup and you won’t mess up.

Now that you are familiar with the airbrush, let’s learn how to apply makeup using this marvelous technique.

Prepare your skin

Before starting the application of makeup, you must clean your face at least 10-20 minutes beforehand. In this way, your face would look fresher and rejuvenated and help with the makeup to set properly as there will be less bodily fats on your face which would otherwise make the foundation slide easier and therefore look worse.

Fasten up your hair

As you are about to use an airbrush, avoid any hindrances with messy hair or any other stuff surrounding your face. So tie up your hair accurately.

Test each product before applying

You must test each product, whether its foundation, blush, or highlighter. Make sure they match your skin tone before applying. You can test it on your arm or on a piece of paper.

Keep airbrush at a safe distance

You should keep the airbrush at a safe distance which is normally at least six inches from the face. This is necessary to avoid having cakey layers of makeup or getting any of it in your eyes.  Otherwise, you will end up applying an uneven layer which would end up in an unsatisfying result

Let the layers dry

After applying the first layer, if you feel the need to apply more or you have missed any part of your face and you want to apply a second layer, you can do that. But you must wait for the first layer to dry completely so to avoid smudging up the layers and ruining the overall look.

Do not panic

If you’re using the airbrush for the very first time, you do not have to worry at all, making mistakes is normal and is part of the learning process. Apply the makeup using the instructions given and if you still mess up, it is totally OK, we’ve all been there. You need not panic; it is just makeup and believes me you can wash it off. Remember, try and try again until you make it 🙂

Step by Step Guide about How to Apply Airbrush Makeup

Step 1: Apply the foundation

When you are ready to apply makeup, start by applying the foundation that very best suits your skin tone. Make sure to keep the airbrush at least 6 inches apart for a fine and even layer. Aim the airbrush at your face and sweep the spray gun in a smooth and even manner slowly in a circular motion at your entire face to get the full coverage. Let the layer dry completely. If you have any deep scars which are not filled properly you can apply the second layer after the first layer had dried properly.

P.S: Do not forget to apply on your neck as well.

Step 2: Apply the blush

After applying the foundation evenly on your entire face, now it’s turn to apply the blush for the final touch-up. Simply, put some drops of blush and start spraying in a circular motion for the best results. It’s better to start from the apple of the cheeks right back to the hairline. Make sure you smile to highlight the area.

Step 3: Apply the highlighter

The last touchup would go with your highlighter. The most common areas which you might want to highlight would be your bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, and your cheeks.  Just put a few drops of highlighter and start spraying. Make sure you cover your hair with so to avoid getting the spray into your hair. And here you go…. The perfect, flawless, and sleek skin is yours.

Extra tips for the beginners

  • Make sure you only put a few drops into the airbrush as the minimum product goes a long way
  • While spraying, do not shut your eyes to tight, otherwise, you will end up getting crevices and that would look bad
  • Make sure to distance the airbrush at least 6 inches away from you face to avoid getting a cakey makeover
  • Always test the foundation or other products on your cheeks with fingers before actually spraying it all over to make sure if it matches you skin color
  • If in any case, you mess up, nothing to worry about at all. You can wash it off and start again. Remember, practice makes you perfect
  • It is not recommended to use traditional makeup products with an airbrush machine unless you have tested it out before and know what you’re doing
  • Avoid applying concealer after you have applied the foundation

Here are our recommendations for a great airbrush makeup system for beginners and aspiring professionals

There are several different kinds of airbrushes available in the market but as being a beginner, you must go for the airbrush which would help you practice more with ease and comfort. And of course, don’t go for anything super expensive at the start until you know what you need in an airbrush kit.

Here, I got you a list of airbrushes you can use as a beginner and go sly like a queen…

The Original: Dinair Airbrush Makeup Starter Kit

The whole product claims to give perfectly flawless results with 5 different shades of skin tones. They say compressor and other parts are purely and entirely made in the US which goes in plus point for many beginners regarding the product quality.

The silicone grasp on the airbrush knob is comfy, and overall the unit is quite light in weight. The whole system is comparatively easy to clean and comes with a 6-foot hose which provides beginners with enough space to practice with ease while applying.

One thing that may be a bit annoying is the product cup getting in the way a bit while applying the makeup.

The hitch is its compressor which only has a one-speed option and the entire system employs a single stroke trigger. But these two features merge together to make the product one of the finest decisions for beginners. If you are a novel user to airbrush makeup and are exploring something simple yet elegant, this may be the accurate pick for you.

This kit is perfect for special occasions to everyday use. For those who are new to airbrush things, this kit is the perfect option to get a natural look with ease and comfort.

Belloccio Professional Beauty Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup

Belloccio Professional Beauty Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup is one of the better options for airbrush makeup, especially for beginners. The best feature of this kit is that it is totally hypoallergenic means anyone who is new to airbrushes can use it with confidence.

The kit comes along with a variety of products and offers the best quality foundations. It is based on a water-based formula that is best suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin types. It offers 3 different speed pressures which are best for overall coverage of any scars or tattoos. However, it doesn’t last for long time occasions but very suitable for every day to day use.

The Tickled Pink Cosmetic Airbrush

The Tickled pink cosmetic airbrush is suitable for both home-based and professional-grade levels. It offers a suitable price with very light-weight and easy to hold spray gun so that your hands won’t get exhausted.

The tickled pink cosmetic airbrush offers up to 89% organic products. It uses aloe and antioxidant based formula which not only gives you a sleek makeover look but also nourishes your skin and you will get radiant skin when you remove your makeup.

It offers you three different speed variations to help you get your makeup like a pro. It uses water-based products which is best for any type of skin especially oily or acne skins which makes it one of the best airbrush kits for beginners. Moreover, they offer the refills easily available so you do not need to worry if you run out of makeup products.

The Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Pro Starter Kit

The Aeroblend airbrush makeup pro starter kit system offers you the double-action system which includes the stylus and the interior mix which make it the best choice for beginners. This kit system offers 16 different foundation shades, 6 blush shades, a highlighter, and a contour in one packing.

It consists of botanical and water-based product which goes alongside all the skin types. Besides, it offers more than 10 hours lasting capacity without wearing off or smudging up the makeup essentially giving no harm to the skin.

These features actually make the Aeroblend airbrush makeup pro starter kit system the best options in the market for beginners as well as for professionals equally. This kit is a great invention for anyone who is learning to control pressures with the machine in hand so it is a great choice for beginners to start with.

How to Select the Best Airbrush Makeup Kit for Beginners

There is a wide variety of airbrush makeup kits with varying price ranges. For beginners, it is really hard to choose which airbrush you should purchase which will go the long way down. I would prefer you should keep the following major points in mind and read the features on box kit before actually buying it:

  • It should offer all-natural products
  • It should be light in weight
  • It must offer full coverage
  • It should be easy to clean
  • It lasts for a long time without wearing off
  • It should be in your budget range
  • It matches your skin type

This is what I thought you might know as a beginner about the use of an airbrush makeup kit. Feel free to add up anything which you think must be known to the beginners. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share the article with friends who might find it useful.