Hey!  Are you gearing up to go to a party?  Have you got everything ready – dress, shoes, accessories…   One last thing, and the most important one too, is your makeup kit ready?  

Don’t we all want to get that celebrity look when we go to a party?  Have you ever wondered how these celebrities do their makeup to have us drooling over their flawless finish?  How does their skin look so even-toned with bare minimum makeup?  Let me spill the beans today.  Well, the secret behind their perfect presentation is the airbrush makeup.   If ‘airbrush makeup’ is a new word in your dictionary, do not worry!  Most of us are sailing in the same boat.  Airbrush makeup does not require the customary brushes and sponges. 

Elite Airbrush Makeup - the place to learn all about airbrush makeup, featured image with six photosFor beginners, airbrush makeup is a tool to spray the makeup on the face using a metal hose.   In a nutshell, it is similar to a gun where you can fill the foundation cartridge into the airbrushing device.  Now, you must be really confused about how to apply airbrush makeup with a machine.  It is effortless.  When you press the trigger, the compressed powdered mist gently spreads across the area of application. The best thing about it is that it will not leave a patch or blot here and there.  The airbrush makeup spreads the formula evenly because it gives you the facility to alter the air pressure according to your requirement.

Let us tell you all about airbrush makeup, should you get it or not

Are you asking yourself why airbrush should be your first choice and how to apply airbrush makeup? Thanks to megapixel photography, you can no longer hide your scars, wrinkles, or sloppy makeup.  Everything is not only visible but it is also magnified in high definition photographs and videos.  You are under the lens as friends usually upload and tag pictures on social media.  So, what do you do?  How would you manage to look your best?  Airbrush makeup is going to help you look natural yet a much better version of you.  The fine mist settles into the skin pores giving you that makeup-free look.  Trust me, you will be camera-ready all the time.

You must be under the impression that airbrush makeup is meant for professional artists and models.  The airbrush makeup technology and procedure of applying airbrush makeup may initially intimidate you.  Honestly, you would be surprised to find how easy it is to apply makeup using an airbrush.   Have you ever sprayed water on your house plants?  Well, it is as easy as that.  Now, do I see fears withering away?  There’s always a first time for everything.  Once you get the hang of how to apply airbrush makeup, you are good to go.

How to use airbrush makeup

Iwata Intro to Airbrush Cosmetics from ANEST IWATA-MEDEA on Vimeo.

There’s no argument over the fact why airbrush makeup is better than the customary makeup kit.  Do you need any certificate or endorsement to tell you how beautiful you look?  Well, you can see the visible result of a better version of you when you use airbrush makeup.

Our Favorite Airbrush Makeup Kits

You know you cannot just buy the first thing you spot your eyes on.  When you are paying out of your hard-earned money, it would be better to review several products before choosing the one that suits you best.  Here, you will find a collection of airbrush makeup reviews of various products.  Furthermore, here you will also get tips on how to apply airbrush makeup. 

Luminess Airbrush Makeup

Luminess airbrush makeup is a water-based technology.  If you prefer a matte finish, then you should prefer a Luminess brand for airbrush makeup.  Your matte makeup will look best in outdoor functions or picnics. When the sunshine will fall on your face, it will make you glow naturally.  Though water-base makeup may sound as if it is drippy and sloppy, you would be surprised that it is a no-mess and no-fuss makeup kit.  You can mix and blend the cosmetic with your conventional foundation.  It would be best if you shake the bottle before putting it in the dispenser.  All you need is a couple of drops.  It gives you an easy and quick makeup finish once you learn the trick of maneuvering the machine.  Airbrush makeup is so light and sleek that you can carry it wherever you go.  Here is a handy tip on how you can get the best result of airbrush makeup.  Allow the first coat to dry out completely before you apply the second coat.   One more thing – Luminess airbrush makeup takes a lot of time for the shipment to reach you.  So, practice your patience.

Main features of Luminess Airbrush Makeup

  • It falls under the water-based category of airbrush makeup.
  • It is a 4-in-1 cosmetic kit for starters.
  • The product is dermatologist tested.   Luminess is perfect for sensitive skin.
  • It even covers your tattoos and conceals wrinkles, dark circles, scars, bruising, acne, skin discoloration, etc.
  • Airbrush starter kit comes with four shades of foundation, a moisturizer, an airbrushed glow, and a blush.
  • The silent motor will not distract you.
  • It conveniently fits into your luggage and does not take too much space either.
  • It will cost you $148.58 exclusive of shipping charges and returnable within 30 days of purchase.

How is it different from the rest?

Most often, product manuals are written in small prints and not very easy to understand.  However, Luminess airbrush makeup is different from the rest.  It comes along with a CD that guides you on how to apply airbrush makeup for a newbie.  Furthermore, you will find tips on how to take care of the product, and steps for cleaning it after use.  Most customers are happy with the result of Luminess airbrush makeup.


  • Water-based or matte makeup is basically an everyday-wear.
  • The machine does not make any noise.
  • All you need is just a drop of foundation to get that professional look.  So, it is cost-effective.


  • Water-based makeup may not be the perfect choice for a late-night party.  It would make your face look dull and dry.
  • Since the motor is silent, you may not come to know if it is ‘on’ or ‘off’ mode.
  • The cost of airbrush makeup is on the higher side.  So, some term it as an extravagance.

Temptu 2.0 Premier Kit

Temptu is silicon-based.  If you do not like loud makeup, then this is meant for you.  However, you would need to know how to choose a foundation color that blends with your skin.  Beginners can use it for personal use at home, or professional artists can apply makeup on models.  You get precise coverage with Temptu 2.0 airbrush makeup.  All the products of Temptu are soft and gentle on the face.  It gives a fresh powdery smell when you apply them.  The effect of the Temptu 2.0 airbrush makeup can withstand tropical weather.  Sportspersons do not have to worry about sweat washing off their makeup when they use Temptu 2.0 airbrush makeup. Here is a handy tip on how to get the best result from airbrush makeup.  Hold the gun like you would hold a pen.  Rotate your hand in a circular motion to get the subtle glow.  One more thing – sometimes, the delivery box may have an item or two missings.  You may need to inform the company so that they will resend or replace the item.

Main Features of Temptu 2.0

  • It is lightweight airbrush makeup.
  • It is a silicon-based makeup.
  • You can adjust the speed of the airflow.
  • The kit comes with a clear bag to help you to organize your makeup.  Besides, the package includes a free airbrush docking station, airpod airbrush, air hose, A/c adapter.
  •  It is not bulky or cumbersome so that you can carry it around
  • Temptu 2.0 Premier Airbrush makeup kit will cost you $250.00

How is it different from the rest?

Temptu 2.0 airbrush makeup is different from other products.  It does not have a cup attached to the gun for pouring in the formula.  Instead, it has a detachable dispenser that you would need to incorporate onto the machine.  The worded instruction manual is missing.  So it becomes difficult for beginners to operate the airbrush makeup. Nonetheless, there are many potential customers tempted to buy Temptu 2.0 airbrush makeup.


  • It gives a much better effect than a conventional makeup kit.
  • It is difficult to manage oily skin.  However, Temptu works well on oily skin.
  • There are a setting knob and a lever that allows you to adjust the flow according to the occasion.
  • It comes with an adapter and dual voltage that makes it easy to use in any part of the world. You do not need to fill the dispenser again and again.  You can attach the foundation part onto the machine.
  • It is inclusive of a free cleaning kit to help you maintain your airbrush makeup.
  • It comes with dual voltage.   Its adapter makes it easy to use in any part of the world.


  • Though it looks better than customary makeup, there is very little chance to rectify any error.
  • Ladies with dry skin may need to apply the cream before application of airbrush makeup generously; otherwise, cracks may begin to appear.
  • If you do not know how to put pressure on the lever, you might end up smearing a lot of makeup on your face.
  • It is very little you can do about the noisy machine.
  • Once you incorporate the foundation onto the device, it is complicated to detach.
  • You will not find written instructions to guide you in cleaning the kit.
  • The adapter is sold separately.  Thus, you may need to shell out extra money.

Belloccio Beauty Airbrush Makeup System

Belloccio airbrush makeup uses a water-based foundation.  In comparison to the conventional makeup, airbrush makeup does not smudge and lasts all day.  You get high-quality products along with the compressor and gun.  The 4mm tip allows even coverage.  You don’t need to use your fingers or rub it onto your skin.  The mist soaks into your skin naturally.  No-touch airbrush makeup system lowers the risk of contamination to 0%.   Girls who complain of acne can consider using this mild airbrush makeup.   There is a power button and a speed button on the compressor.  The high-button is best for applying primer and cleaning purposes.  The medium speed is for applying foundation, and the low setting is for applying blush and highlighter.  When you turn the compressor on, air will flow without pressing the trigger.   The makeup will mist your face when you press the trigger.  It is always best to keep the nozzle at least six inches away from the face.  You will feel the smoothness on your face. Here is a handy tip. You can blend more than one shade of foundation for a beautiful complexion. 

Main Features of Belloccio Airbrush Makeup

  • It is a water-based makeup product of the USA and offers a one year warranty period.
  • It comes in a cute case with four shades of foundation, an anti-aging primer, a blush, bronzer, and a highlighter.
  • The compressor has three airflow settings – high, medium, and low for a different effect.
  • You also get a cleanser that will help you take care of your airbrush makeup machine.
  • A user manual is available to guide you step by step on how to apply airbrush makeup.
  • The kit comes with a free A/c adapter plug.
  • It is refundable within 30 days of delivery.
  • Belloccio Airbrush Makeup will cost you $99.96 exclusive of shipping charges.

How is it different from the rest?

Belloccio airbrush makeup comes with an anti-aging primer, which is usually missing in other products.  It has an edge over other products. It is comparatively more affordable in price range than its competitors.  The customers are raving about its high-quality formula.  


  • Airbrush makeup covers the flaws of your skin and makes you look radiant.
  • Belloccio airbrush products are fragrance-free, organic, and hypoallergenic. 
  • You only need a couple of drops of foundation, primer, and blush.  Thus, it is very economical.
  • You get a free cleanser with the kit.



  • Dermatologists do not recommend Airbrush makeup to people having a lot of pigmentation and discoloration of the skin.
  • You will not get good results unless you moisturize your face before applying Belloccio products. 
  • The entire airbrush makeup kit is an expensive affair.  Furthermore, once your products are exhausted, you will need to place the orders again.
  • A lot of cleaning is involved since you put in different kinds of makeup into the cup.  You need to clean it after every use.  Otherwise, the makeup hardens.  The residue makeup can spoil your nozzle permanently.

We love Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup how to and tips

Honestly, I just love airbrush makeup technology.  Gone are the days when you used to worry about touch-ups and fading foundation constantly.  The new generation is all set to win you over with their attractive appearance.  Why should you be left behind?

Airbrush makeup is a whole new experience of doing makeup.  It allows you to experiment with different shades of foundation to get you the complexion you have always desired.  I know!  Initially, your fingers may tremble while holding the gun, but after practicing once or twice, you would never want to go back to the old style of doing makeup.   It blends so well with your skin and gives you that natural glow.  Your brush and sponges can never do that.  The best part is that you don’t even feel that you are wearing any makeup.  It is long-lasting and allows your skin to breathe.  What more can you ask for?

Now you can get your dream look with an amazing airbrush makeup kit!

If you are thinking of gifting airbrush makeup to your wife or daughter, choosing a perfect airbrush makeup can be a bit tedious task.  You wouldn’t want to get stuck with a product that you are not satisfied with.  Though the price range is towards the higher side, it can be cost-effective if you frequently need professional makeup.  Furthermore, the kit comes with a foundation, blush, etc., which is added to the total figure.  There is zero wastage of makeup since only a drop gives a magical effect. After weighing the pros and cons, I am sure that you are now confident about your choice.  If you have been hopping from one site to another but found all the information on this single site, then please recommend this article to others.  I am glad that you found this article useful and interesting.   Please do share it with your friends and families so they can also be well informed about how to use airbrush makeup.

Airbrush makeup how to guide, all you need to know